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Financial Counseling

A Patient's Guide to Financial Counseling

When you or someone you love needs hospital care, worrying about financial issues can be particularly stressful. If you don't have insurance or your insurance does not cover all the costs, there are many federal and state sources of financial assistance that may be available to you. Eligibility requirements and the application process may be different depending upon the program. It's important that you meet with a financial counselor as soon as possible to learn more about what is right for you. Don't worry, the staff of the Financial Counseling Department is here to help you every step of the way and there is no additional cost for this service.

Medicaid is a jointly funded, Federal-State health insurance program that provides medical and health coverage to certain individuals and families with low income and few resources.

The Medicaid program is overseen by the Federal government; however each state administers and regulates its own Medicaid programs and each Medicaid program has its own qualification guidelines in order to qualify.

There are several Medicaid programs which are specific to a particular patient demographic. Some of which include: Medicaid for the aged and disabled, children and pregnant women, those requiring home care and assisted living, and long term care or a nursing facility.

For our patients' convenience, we have arranged with Bergen County to station a part time county worker at Holy Name Medical Center to process eligible Bergen County residents with NJ Family Care and Institutional Medicaid applications. The Bergen County representative will work with patients who are serviced by our medical center to ensure their application is complete and accurate. These patients can contact the Financial Counseling Department at 201-833-3157 in order to be pre-screened and for an appointment to be scheduled for Medicaid with a Bergen County Medicaid outstation worker.

For individuals outside of Bergen County please refer to your county's agency listed on the Boards of Social Services website.

Charity Care

Charity Care is designed to provide assistance to cover the costs of hospital services only. In order to apply for Charity Care you must contact the Financial Counseling Department. A Financial Counselor will ask questions related to your income and assets, and will require you to provide supporting documentation. You should know that your immigration status does not matter when you apply for Charity Care; it will not affect your eligibility.

In accordance with New Jersey Hospital Care Assistance Program guidelines, patients whose family income is at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible to receive NJ Hospital Care Assistance Program.

Hospital care payment assistance is available to New Jersey residents who:
  1. Have no health coverage or have coverage that pays only for part of the bill: and
  2. Are ineligible for any private or governmental sponsored coverage (such as Medicaid); and
  3. Meet both the income and assets eligibility criteria listed below.

Income as a Percentage of HHS Poverty Income Guidelines Percentage of Charge Paid by Patient
Less than or equal to 200%0%
Greater than 200% but less than or equal to 225%20%
Greater than 225% but less than or equal to 250%40%
Greater than 250% but less than or equal to 275%60%
Greater than 275% but less than or equal to 300%80%
Greater than 300%100%

Individual Assets cannot exceed $7,500 or $15,000 for families.

The following information would be required in addition to the Charity Care and/or Financial Assistance application for determining eligibility under the program.

This documentation includes but is not limited to:
  • Valid identification for patient, and all immediate (spouse and minor children and/or applicable dependants).
  • Proof of NJ residency.
  • Proof of all earned and unearned income including: employment, self employment, pensions, disability, rental income, child support, alimony, and monetary support.
  • Proof of all assets including: bank accounts statements, investment statements, 401k and other retirement accounts, life insurance with cash value and equity in real estate other than primary residence.
Click here to obtain a Charity Care Application

Please note: Physician fees, anesthesiology fees, radiology interpretation, and outpatient prescriptions are separate from hospital charges and are not eligible for reduction.

Applicants found ineligible may reapply at a future time when they present themselves for services and believe their financial circumstances have changed.
Compassionate Care

The Compassionate Care Discount is for uninsured patients who do not qualify for Charity Care or any federal or state funded programs such as Medicaid, SSI-Medicaid or Family Care. This program adheres to N.J. Senate Bill S-1797/A-2609 passed August 8th 2008 and effective February 4th 2009.

This discount does not apply to balances after insurance payments, Cosmetic Surgery, and other special programs.

Additional discounts are available for patients that are between 300% and 500% of the Federal Poverty Level and have a completed hospital application for financial assistance.