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Regional Cancer Center

  At Holy Name Medical Center, outstanding patient care means more than treating tumors; it is caring for people as if they were members of our own family. Every initiative undertaken in the Regional Cancer Center is accomplished with input from the patient and with his or her best interests in mind. We mobilize every resource available to give people with cancer the opportunity to live the life they envisioned before their diagnosis.

The Regional Cancer Center offers a level of cancer care that is unsurpassed in Bergen County - and in some cases available in only a handful of places elsewhere in the world. Housing some of the most sophisticated technology, the center is staffed by an exceptional team of physicians, technicians, technologist and nurses dedicated to fighting cancer.

The Regional Cancer Center features a one-stop concept that starts with adjacent parking and continues inside the center with a full range of services, all located in one convenient setting. Patients can arrange for a consultation with their medical, radiation and/or surgical oncologist; receive their radiation treatment or chemotherapy, and expedite imaging procedures, biopsies and other tests. They can meet with the center's dietitian or seek the assistance of our social worker or mental health professional for direction on psychosocial or job issues.

The Regional Cancer Center at Holy Name Medical Center offers:
  • One stop, comprehensive service featuring easily-accessed local care and resources.
  • A multidisciplinary approach that uses the expertise of many specialists to care for individual patients which is critical to obtaining the most effective care with the best possible prognosis.
  • Excellence in all three branches of oncology care: radiation, medical and surgical.
  • Leading edge diagnostic, staging and treatment technology.
  • Talented oncologists and other physician specialists, all certified by their respective boards.
  • Skilled and compassionate nurse specialists, physicists and technologists, as well as a pharmacist and dietician dedicated specifically to the Cancer Center.
  • Supportive care; including counseling, home and hospice care, physical rehabilitation services and nutritional guidance.
The earlier a cancer is detected and the more accurately it is staged (the process of determining the size and extent of a malignancy), the more effectively and thoroughly it can be treated. Holy Name's radiologists, pathologists and laboratory diagnosticians perform some of the most sophisticated tests and evaluations in use today. Diagnostic procedures may include imaging, laboratory tests on blood and urine, tumor biopsy or surgery.

Holy Name's radiologic technologies use a variety of powerful energies to produce clear, accurate pictures in a non-invasive fashion. They include:
  • High-resolution computerized tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Low-dose mammography
Also at Holy Name:
One of the newest tools available anywhere: The Discovery LSTM from GE Medical Systems, which uses a two-in-one system called Fusion PET/CT. It is the fastest and most sophisticated technology on the market to determine if a patient has cancer, if it has spread, whether a particular treatment plan is working, or if there has been a recurrence.

The advantage of local care
A diagnosis of cancer influences every aspect of a person's life. Treatment issues aside, the impact on your relationships and everyday routine can be very stressful. When you receive care close to home, it is one less cause for anxiety. How will I get to my therapy appointments and who will bring me there and back? Will I need to hire a babysitter for my children? Is there going to be time for other obligations on treatment days? These are common questions and challenges for oncology patients. But when you receive care in your own community, the logistics of therapy are simplified. Getting transportation, staying on-line with the family agenda, and living as close to normal as possible, are easier and more convenient.

Holy Name's Cancer Center is:
  • Accredited by the American College of Surgeons - Commission on Cancer, and the American College of Radiology.
Contact Information:
Radiation Oncology - 201-541-5900
Medical Oncology/Hematology - 201-227-6008