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Joint Replacement Surgery

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The field of joint replacement surgery is one of the most evolving areas of medicine and Holy Name Medical Center is at the forefront of these advances. The hospital has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval® as a Center of Excellence for its Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Orthopedic Program.

Holy Name's board-certified orthopedic surgeons diagnose, treat and provide follow-up care using the latest equipment and techniques, including minimally invasive procedures when appropriate. Joint replacement surgery helps relieve pain and restores function in severely diseased joints, giving patients improved mobility and a better quality of life.

During knee and hip replacement procedures, damaged cartilage and bone are removed and replaced with implants that have been vastly improved through the years, lasting longer and performing more like natural joints. Newer techniques, especially with minimally invasive procedures, allow for shorter hospital stays, faster recovery and less pain.

Patients undergoing joint replacement surgery typically stay in the hospital between one and three days and will typically use a cane but may need to use crutches or a walker for several weeks after the procedure. By three to six weeks, most daily activities can be resumed. Physical therapy is often recommended. After recovery, patients are encouraged to return to their pre-diseased activities such as walking, swimming, hiking, golf, tennis and biking.