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About PLCC

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The Patricia Lynch Cancer Center

Exceeding Expectations

Cancer care, just like cancer itself, is unique to each patient. The physicians and staff that make up the oncology teams at the Patricia Lynch Cancer Center (PLCC) at Holy Name Health understand these differences and specialize in giving each patient the advanced, personalized care that results in the best outcome for every individual.

The PLCC's oncology teams offer encompassing diagnostics and treatment plans that include caring for the entire patient, not just targeting the disease. Staff members know patients as people, what's important to them, their families and loved ones. They ensure patients are always as comfortable as possible while receiving the latest therapies during their cancer journey. It is this approach to care that makes the PLCC's renowned physicians choose to work at Holy Name.

Holy Name also conducts a number of clinical trials that give patients access to medications not yet available to the public. Patients receive the latest treatments and the benefits of groundbreaking research while remaining close to home.

Services Offered at The Patricia Lynch Cancer Center

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncolgy

Medical oncologists are specialists in diagnosing and treating cancer. They oversee the patient's care from diagnosis through treatment, coordinating treatment with other specialists and helping the patient manage symptoms and side effects from treatment. They use chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy or biological therapy, or a combination of these to treat the disease.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncolgy

Radiation oncologists use radiation therapy to treat cancer. They apply their expertise in deciding which of the various types of radiation delivery should be used, such as radioactive implantations, external beam radiotherapy or hyperthermia, to produce the best outcomes for each patient. Holy Name physicians use technology that allows them to see exactly where tumors are located in the body, taking into account breathing or slight movements, so they can deliver much more precise treatment.

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Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncolgy

Surgical oncologists treat cancer by removing tumors and nearby tissue through open, robotic or laparoscopic procedures. They can diagnose, stage and treat certain types of cancers. They decide whether a patient is a good candidate for surgery based on the type, size, location, grade and stage of the tumor as well as the individual's general health. Often surgery is combined with other types of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy, which can be administered before or after the procedure.

Infusion Center

Infusion Center

Holy Name Medical Center offers a new, contemporary, patient-centered infusion center for individuals needing all types of infusion therapy. Patients receive the most advanced treatments in a serene, welcoming environment that affords them privacy as well as comprehensive care. Patients are given their infusion therapy in spacious, private areas equipped with lounger chairs and seats for loved ones. They also receive amenities such as warm blankets, snacks and personal tablets for entertainment and learning opportunities.

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All Care Options

holy name cancer care

All Holy Name oncologists specialize in specific cancers and work with other cancer experts to create distinct teams that formulate precise treatment plans for each patient's type of cancer. This approach provides a great advantage to patients - a customized plan of therapy that not only allows the best chance for a cure but also minimizes side effects and improves quality of life. Patients receive the latest treatments and the benefits of groundbreaking research while remaining close to home.

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