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Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement

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Successful knee replacement after years of disabling arthritis or injury has the power to change lives dramatically. And whether patients are male or female, 45 or 75, work at a desk or a construction site, those with the best outcomes likely have this in common: the right fit.

For joint replacement to be successful, the right fit is essential. The degree to which a knee implant fits with an individual's anatomy will affect their level of comfort, pace and extent of recovery, future wear and tear, and overall experience following knee replacement surgery. So how to achieve the best fit?

Personalization is one of the keys to success. As a leader in joint replacement surgery and robotic-assisted technology, Holy Name Medical Center offers robotic technology for total knee replacement, making greater personalization a reality.

Talk to an orthopedic surgeon

The decision to have knee replacement surgery is exciting and potentially life changing; patients should discuss all aspects - eligibility, pre=op requirements, the procedure itself and recovery expectations - with their orthopedic surgeon. For the names of Holy Name Medical Center orthopedic surgeons who perform robotic-assisted knee replacement, please see below.