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Our Sole Purpose is the Health of Your Body and Soul

Posted by Kim Mazzeo, ACE, Certified Fitness Instructor
HNH Fitness in Oradell on September 3, 2021
Kim Mazzeo, ACE, Certified Fitness Instructor

Now that your children have gone back to school, it’s time to focus on YOU!

At HNH Fitness we are serious about your health. The experience here goes above and beyond traditional health and fitness clubs in offering a personal and holistic approach to your wellness. It’s all connected – mind, body and soul - and we’re here to help.

Our Holy Name affiliation means we’re grounded in medically based practices and expertise to make sure you can safely achieve your personal health and fitness goals. We have a host of resources, including primary care physicians and specialists, registered dietitians, physical therapists and more. There’s also time for pampering – we have a day spa on site!

There’s no one-size-fits-all at HNH Fitness. We can help you at whatever fitness level you are to feel confident and to make lasting lifestyle changes for your overall health. Our group fitness classes and personal training options are “purpose-driven,” to help you work hard and smart, and to improve your strength and cardiovascular health.

Kim Mazzeo, ACE, Certified Fitness Instructor

We offer the latest equipment and technical expertise. Holy Name’s director of human performance, Reg Grant, is the former head strength and conditioning coach for the New York Rangers, and we instructors keep up-to-date with the latest protocols. I have people who work out with me who span in age from teenagers to seniors.

We strive to help our members stay motivated. I want everyone to summon the athlete in themselves, to gain a sense of confidence, to be present in their workout, and to stay mindful until we end with a quiet moment of gratitude and reflection.

Our Community is Based on Friendship and Mutual Goals

Throughout my 30+ years in the fitness industry, I have assisted many people to achieve their goals and inspired them to live healthy lives. I have been teaching classes at HNH Fitness since we opened in 2007 and continue to be in touch regularly by email, text, in person, and Zoom with more than 90 members. Our “Kim’s Krew” community is based on friendship and mutual goals, and we have worked on projects as part of our larger community, from food drives to fundraisers for many different charitable organizations. It’s all about being connected. It’s wellness in the broadest sense.

This past year proved challenging as we sought to maintain our camaraderie and community over Zoom – but we did it. Classes have returned in-person, but some participants are still opting for remote training. We’re making it work! The structure, expertise and community you can find here is so important in everyday life.

Give yourself an hour a day for exercise in a supportive setting. In that hour we’ll reach you physically and emotionally; it’s more an experience than a class. So make time for yourself. Find balance and work to make yourself whole. Go forward being the best version of you!

Kim Mazzeo, ACE, Certified Fitness Instructor

Kim Mazzeo is a certified fitness instructor with the American Council on Exercise, who teaches classes that focus on both strength-training and cardiovascular health. HNH Fitness, located in Oradell, NJ, features health and fitness services for people of all ages and abilities. Programs and services include group classes, personal training, physical therapy, sports medicine, a 12-week Prescription for Wellness program, nutrition counseling, home fitness programs, and a wellness day spa. For more information and a free seven-day pass: HNH Fitness or call us at 201-262-4626.