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From the NY Rangers to HNH Fitness: Creating Your Holistic Health Goals

Posted by Reg Grant
Director, Human Performance Services
Holy Name Medical Center on January 30, 2020

Reg Grant, Director, Human Performance Services, Holy Name Medical Center

Whether you're a professional athlete or an office worker recovering from surgery, optimal health relies on a foundation of good daily habits: eating well, moving well, sleeping well and maintaining a healthy mind.

I learned to focus on these principles while working for many years as the head strength and conditioning coach for the New York Rangers. Here at Holy Name, we have a robust wellness program centered at our HNH Fitness Center in Oradell, which is also applied and delivered throughout our organization.

We work hard to understand each person's needs – listening and learning - and we find the wellness solution that fits him/her best. This is the future of care. It's about building holistic health teams – from primary care physicians to physical therapists to dietitians to personal trainers and more – who can solve problems and develop strategies to support each individual.

Safety First, Beyond the Treadmill

Incremental changes work. Find a routine that's flexible – and fun! Social engagement is important: It's easier to be compliant when you're active with your family and friends. Go beyond the treadmill and weight room and find activities that are safe but challenging. How about biking, skating or hiking with the family? A boot camp with friends? Participating in a range of activities challenges your body in different ways, leading to more complete fitness.

Anytime you start a new regimen or jump into a new activity, however, it's a good idea to check in with a professional. Many people deal with reduced activity because of injury, illness or aging. A physical therapist or personal trainer can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and guide you in dealing with mobility, stability, balance, and other aspects as you get more active. They also can track progress and provide individualized feedback.

The Focus is You

We can develop a plan that analyzes and then monitors your health and wellness goals, helping you understand yourself medically, physically, nutritionally and psychologically. There are a lot of tools available these days – from wearables to apps that make healthy meal-tracking easier. We aim to simplify the technology and metrics, helping you build consistent daily habits of healthy living.

Whether it's dealing with chronic conditions like obesity and heart disease, recovering from injury or just pushing back the normal effects of aging, we want to be your resource, supporting you to remain active, engaged and healthy.

My goal is to take the lessons I've learned through the intensity-filled incubator of pro-sports to help each of you and your families live healthier, happier lives. Like you, the program here at Holy Name will always be evolving. We can make positive changes together, promoting a stronger more resilient community.

As Director of Human Performance Services at Holy Name Medical Center, Reg Grant and exceptional staff are charged with creating a program that aims to prevent or reduce chronic disease, illness, and injury. A native of Canada, Grant was formerly the head strength and conditioning coach for the New York Rangers hockey club. To learn more about HNH Fitness and obtain a seven-day free pass, visit HNHfitness.com