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Finding the right primary care physician (PCP) is similar to finding a perfect match in life. Just as with a life partner, establishing a strong connection with your PCP is essential. Connecting with a PCP will keep you compliant with visits, medication, screenings and overall management of your health. Drs. Kim Hewitt Cooper and Matthew Cooper, primary care physicians at Holy Name Medical Center, liken the process to dating, emphasizing the importance of compatibility and trust in the patient-provider relationship.

According to Dr. Kim Hewitt Cooper, "Having a PCP you trust is crucial. It's like finding someone who speaks your 'love language' in healthcare. Patients should feel comfortable having open and honest conversations with their PCP to establish an appropriate treatment plan."

Dr. Matthew Cooper adds, "Understanding the physician's approach to medicine is key. Do you prefer someone who is engaging and interactive, or do you value straightforward communication without much embellishment?"

Much like determining your ideal date, knowing the physician's philosophy in healthcare management is vital. Some PCPs may adhere strictly to guidelines, referring patients to specialists more readily, while others take a more conservative approach, aiming to address as much as possible before considering referrals. What do you prefer? Where does your doctor stand? Ask your doctor to share how they would proceed.

Additionally, Drs. Kim Hewitt Cooper and Matthew Cooper stress the importance of considering logistical factors. "Are you interested in a 'long-distance relationship' with your PCP?" Dr. Matthew Cooper asks. "Knowing which hospital system the physician is affiliated with can be important, as well as considering office location, hours, and availability of appointments." Do you prefer to call an office for an appointment or would you rather do everything online? Find the physician that meets your needs.

"Don't hesitate to ask questions," Dr. Kim Hewitt Cooper advises. "Finding the right PCP is about finding someone who aligns with your values and preferences in healthcare."

In the journey to finding a PCP, much like finding a life partner, compatibility and trust are important. By asking the right questions and considering personal preferences, patients can establish a lasting relationship with a PCP who meets their healthcare needs.

To book an appointment with either Dr. Matthew Cooper or Dr. Kimberly Hewitt Cooper, please call 551-310-9030.