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COVID-19 has reshaped ROI-NJ’s annual ROI Influencers: Health Care

When we were putting together the 2020 ROI Influencers: Health Care list, we knew it had to be different. It is.

N.J. hospitals are better at treating COVID-19. But are they ready for a second wave?

A patient walks into Holy Name Medical Center for a routine colonoscopy. He has no symptoms associated with COVID-19, but takes the test as a matter of procedure

ROI Influencers: Health Care 2020 (Unsung heroes)

When we were putting together the 2020 ROI Influencers: Health Care list, we knew it had to be different. It is.

How to talk to your families about COVID Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year poses unique challenges: quarantines and travel guidelines, work policies and outdoor dining recommendations, and managing family members who may approach the coronavirus with varying degrees of caution.

Jewish Federation and Holy Name Hospital Collaborate on COVID-19 Drive-in Testing

Since reopening last month, local day schools have been diligently trying to maintain safe in-person learning while enforcing guidelines to diminish the spread of COVID-19. With the recent break for the holidays, many feared that increased socializing could lead to a potential uptick of the virus, which would upset the system that schools worked so hard to establish.

COVID-19 numbers on the rise. Is there a silver lining?

Nationwide, COVID-19 cases are on the rise. While not completely unexpected, health officials are warily eyeing the daily totals. Meanwhile, the CDC says a limited number of COVID-19 vaccines should be available before the end of the year.

Thanksgiving Presents Challenges as Families Could Be Divided on COVID-19

Many families are divided on COVID-19 with some members taking the utmost caution while others remain more lax. If an in-person Thanksgiving celebration takes place, many are worried about potential infections.

Getting on the ARC

Holy Name in Teaneck works with Sheba in Tel Aviv to create new ways to look at healthcare.

Is COVID-19 here to stay?

The leading research community says COVID-19 may become endemic, which means it is always present, similar to the flu. While the data is still coming in, researchers say it is a real possibility but it will also be dependent on the effectiveness of vaccines and herd immunity.

COVID-19 cases on the rise, although nowhere near previous record levels

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are steadily increasing across the entire state of New Jersey. This is causing some health officials to wonder if there need to be more closures to offset that.

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