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Uptick in COVID-19 cases worry health officials as hospital admissions increase

Moderate increases in COVID-19 cases across the entire state of New Jersey has health officials worried, but is still considered a far cry from a "surge."

COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Hit Pause Button

Two major COVID-19 vaccine trials have hit the pause button. Dr. Suraj Saggar, chief of infectious disease, discusses what the two Phase 3 trials have encountered and why it's not discouraging news.

Holy Name CEO Mike Maron shares COVID-19 updates

Holy Name Medical Center President and CEO Michael Maron discusses the recent spike in COVID cases in New Jersey and New York, plus how Holy Name is preparing should conditions worsen.

Is the second wave of COVID-19 infections here?

Across the country, spikes in COVID-19 infections are sending alarm bells throughout the healthcare community, including here in the tri-state area. But while the increase is troubling, Dr. Suraj Saggar, chief of infectious disease, says there are other factors to consider besides the positivity rate.

Holy Name Medical Center Participating In Clinical Trials Of Regeneron, Antibody Treatment Given To President Trump

NEW JERSEY (CBSNewYork) – Pres. Donald Trump credits drug maker Regeneron’s treatment for relieving his COVID-19 symptoms. But, what is it, and how might you get it?

FDA Sets Stricter Guidelines for COVID-19 Vaccine Approval

On Fox 5 Health News, Dr. Suraj Saggar, Holy Name's chief of infectious disease discusses the recent guidelines set by the FDA regarding approval of COVID-19 vaccines. The FDA is requiring drug makers to collect safety data for two months after patients have received their second dose, if the vaccine requires two doses. Why this isn't a bad thing.

Flu Season Adds More Fears In the Midst of a Pandemic

The call for the public to get flu shots is rising as we enter the fall and winter. As COVID-19 cases start to rise in "hotspots" across the region, health officials are hoping and working to keep both diseases at bay.

First-in-the-world Regeneron trial began at Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck

Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, once the epicenter of New Jersey’s COVID-19 outbreak, was the first hospital in the world to enroll a patient in a Regeneron trial. As Correspondent Michael Hill reports, the findings could be critical to the president’s recovery and the future of treatment.

Maron, who had COVID, offers Trump some advice: Take it slow — and take it seriously

By Day 8 of his quarantine — or, after roughly one week of convincing himself that he didn’t really have COVID-19 despite the positive test — Mike Maron Maron got the wakeup call. Or, rather, the message that it was time to go to bed.

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