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Sarah Eisen – Plastic Surgery Then a Ride to the Bus Stop

The sun was streaming through the large door in her sister's apartment building in the Washington Heights section of New York City, rendering the glass virtually invisible. So when Sarah Eisen rushed out to pick up her niece and nephew from school, she ran headlong into it. The door pane didn't shatter but the collision knocked her glasses into her face and made a deep gash above her eye.

Sarah, visiting from Israel, figured the emergency crew who came to her aid would take her to a nearby hospital. But with the laceration on such a visible part of her face, her sister insisted Sarah go to a specialist who would be able to repair the injury without leaving a large scar. Local community members highly recommended Dr. Harris Sterman of Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck.

"I was so glad I went to Holy Name," Sarah said. "I was received so warmly by the nurse, taken for CT scans quickly, and then I saw Dr. Sterman. I was so impressed with his care and concern, skilled hand, and attention to detail, even leaving me with a sheet of careful instructions on how to care for my wound as it healed."

Looking back, Sarah realized she was in shock after the accident. Once at the hospital, she couldn't stand up. She hadn't eaten or drank anything for several hours.

"My body was in a state of shock," Sarah said. "Dr. Sterman realized that right away. Not only did he take care of my wound but he offered me something to eat and drink. As if that wasn't enough, what was really amazing, was when he found out I was taking the bus back to Washington Heights, he brought me to the bus stop! Where do you get a doctor who does that? Only at Holy Name."

Dr. Sterman downplayed Sarah's praise.

"It wasn't a big deal – I stitched her up and took her to the bus stop," he said. "I've done that before – when patients need a lift or some other small assistance, why not help?"

Sarah said her overall experience at Holy Name was much better than she expected.

"I didn't feel like I was in a hospital at all – it was wonderful," she said. "It has a community kind of feel rather than a hospital–like feeling. If you're going to get injured – that is the way to go."