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Sniffles Club

  201-833-3461    |      pediatrics@holyname.org


For some parents, staying home to care for a sick child may not always be an option. For those times, Holy Name Medical Center's Sniffles Club offers an alternative that can put parents at ease. The Sniffles Club is a day care program for mildly-ill children, ages 3 months to 13 years old.

It is ideal for children who may not feel up to attending school or their regular day care, but aren't seriously ill and for parents who are unable to take off from work or locate a babysitter.

The Sniffles Club is staffed by licensed pediatric nurses from the Medical Center's Pediatric Unit. Parents are immediately notified if a child's condition worsens. Depending on how they feel, children can participate in various activities. The staff will evaluate the child's need for sleep and rest and his or her schedule will be adjusted accordingly. They can also administer medications with parental consent. Children are served meals and snacks. Special diet considerations can be also accommodated, such as kosher menu, vegetarian meals, and baby food.

Our family-centered philosophy encourages parents to call or visit their child while at work. The Sniffles Club is for mildly ill children only. Children with known contagious diseases such as chicken pox, pink-eye, or measles cannot be admitted.


Call 201-833-3461 for rates.

Hours and days of operation

The Sniffles Club is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Children must be pre-registered before coming to the Sniffles Club. Completed physician health forms, parental consents and current immunization records must be on file.