General Information

Student Services

The faculty of Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing believes that positive learning environments increase persistence and retention of students and enhance the likelihood that the student will develop habits to encourage lifelong learning, a characteristic of successful nursing professionals. The School of Nursing offers health services, academic advisement, and functional/psychological support services to facilitate intellectual and personal growth of the student.

Student Advisement

The purpose of student advisement is to assist students in setting academic goals, and to provide encouragement and support as they move through their academic journey. Through timely advisement, students are assisted as they develop, identify, and fulfill their goals to complete the nursing program in a timely and judicious manner.

All faculty are available to students for academic advisement throughout the school year. Students are urged to take advantage of faculty office hours for academic assistance. At any other time, students may seek assistance from any faculty member of their choice.

Health Services

The student health program consists of annual tuberculin testing, health counseling, flu vaccination, and the treatment of minor illness. Health promotion and wellness is a thread woven throughout student services and a website has been developed to support healthful living within our school community.

Functional/Psychological Support

Functional/psychological support services at the School of Nursing create a student-friendly atmosphere conducive to learning, to promoting student self-esteem and feelings of selfworth (important elements of persistence), and to establishing a healthy co-learning environment. These goals are supported by the faculty of the School of Nursing along with the psychologists and nursing professionals who work with our students to provide assistance as needed.

Job Placement Services

Human Resources and Nursing Administration provide information and employment resources for the nursing students. Students are given the opportunity to attend nationally sponsored job fairs, and all literature from nurse recruiters is posted in the Medical Center.


The Nursing and Medical libraries at Holy Name Medical Center provide students with opportunities to achieve academic success. The libraries have a wide range of materials to support the School of Nursing curriculum. An extensive collection of journals, textbooks and electronic databases are available for students. The Nursing Library has a computer lab with wireless Internet connection to support the academic progress of students. Computer programs support every nursing course, and assist students in preparing for the NCLEX examination.

Drug Screening

In keeping with the mandate to uphold the highest standards of patient safety and to maintain quality nursing practice, the School has adopted a drug-free environment. Therefore, as a condition of admission, each candidate will be required to submit to a drug test and if requested, to have additional tests once enrolled.

Admission to the School of Nursing is contingent upon clearance following the criminal background check and results of drug screening.

Alumni Association

The Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing Alumni Association was created in 1928 to uphold the general welfare, prestige, and scholastic, personnel and educational interests of the School of Nursing, and to provide an organization through which alumni members may remain in contact and enhance their interaction with each other. The bylaws direct that every graduate of the RN program automatically be a member of the Alumni Association. The Board of Directors and the School of Nursing Faculty and Administration maintain an open line of communication and cooperative working relationship in all matters that enrich and enhance the educational opportunities of the student body and alumni.

Spiritual Opportunity

Students of all denominations are encouraged to develop their spiritual lives in accordance with their own religious philosophy. Holy Name Medical Center's Pastoral Care Department is available to all students on a personal basis. Students are welcome to participate in the liturgies offered throughout the year. Mass is offered daily in the Medical Center chapel.

Student Activities

The School of Nursing considers participation in extracurricular activities to be an important aspect of the formation of a professional nurse. Self-direction and leadership skills are promoted through membership in the Student Organization. Social functions are planned in conjunction with the Student Organization Committee and the faculty advisers.

Curriculum Objectives

  • Use the nursing process to give direct care to individuals and groups of patients with any type of well-defined health-deviation self-care requisite.
  • Develop and implement a short range teaching plan forindividuals and groups of patients using the teachinglearning process.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing care in meeting the therapeutic self-care requisites of patients across the lifespan.
  • Coordinate the care of individuals and groups of patients with health deviation or self-care requisites, and meet their therapeutic self-care demands
  • Maintain effective communication with patients, families and the healthcare team.
  • Make legal and ethical decisions in caring for individuals and groups of patients of any age.
  • Act as liaison for individuals and groups of patients within structured healthcare settings.
  • Use the established organizational hierarchy to problemsolve within the structured healthcare setting.
  • Actively participate in maintaining and remaining accountable for personal and professional conduct and growth.
  • Abide by the code of ethics, which has been clarified and interpreted by a comprehensive self-governing organization of practitioners.
Class Class Hours Clin/Lab Hours Credits
Fundamentals of Nsg Health Assessment Pharmacology I961108**
Anatomy/Physiology I* (Bi 171)45304
Intro to Psychology* (Ps 151)45NA3
English Composition* (Cm 120)45NA3
Total Credits: 18