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Hospital Services

To book an appointment: 201-833-3085

  • The PACER program ensures that patients affected by COVID-19 return to, or exceed, their previous level of physical function.

    To book an appointment, please call 201-833-3085. Most insurances accepted.

    What is PACER?

    The PACER program uses the expertise of our physical, occupational and speech therapists to address the functional and respiratory decline often associated with COVID-19. Our rehabilitation team members, who have undergone specialized education to care for coronavirus patients, also help to decrease the sense of isolation many individuals feel while recovering from COVID-19.

    PACER is offered as a telehealth/telemedicine service, making it conveniently accessible and in keeping with social distancing guidelines.

    Who is eligible?

    Patients recently diagnosed and treated for COVID-19 are eligible for PACER. Those are individuals who:

    - Have been discharged from the hospital to home
    - Have recovered at home and discharged from telehealth/telemedicine
    - Have been discharged from home care

    Patients must have a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider for physical therapy/ rehabilitation services.

    What does the PACER program focus on?

    - Lower and upper body strengthening exercises
    - Postural and respiratory muscle strengthening exercises
    - Deep breathing techniques
    - Cardiovascular exercise training and education
    - Functional exercise - stairs, chair to stand, lifting
    - Activities of daily living
    - Progressive ambulation
    - Home safety assessment
    - Energy conservation techniques
    - Cognitive assessment and rehabilitation
    - Vestibular (balance) rehabilitation

    To learn more, visit: holyname.org/physicaltherapy

  • HNMC Telemonitoring program, provides patients with monitoring equipment, which connects health information to the monitoring nurse and/or physician from home. Patients can now easily share their vital signs through their monitoring equipment, which will allow their physician to make better decisions about their plan of care.

    The kit may include the following items:

    - Android tablet
    - blood pressure machine
    - Thermometer
    - pulse oximeter
    - weight scale

    Our goal is for the patients to take their vital signs every day in the morning. This information will automatically be seen by our telemonitoring team, who will collaborate with their position, provide patient education and collaboration with the Home Care visiting team for further assessment.

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