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Updated Visitor Policy

The health and safety of our patients, visitors, employees, and communities remain a top priority at Holy Name. As you know, our community is experiencing a surge in COVID-19.

At this time, visitors and non-essential vendors are not permitted, except as follows:

  •   Maternity (Labor & Delivery): One support person per maternity patient is allowed.
  •   Pediatrics: One support person per pediatric patient is allowed.
  •   End-of-Life: One visitor per patient with permission of the nursing staff.
  •   For the few visitors that are allowed (as described above), those visitors must be over age 18 and will be screened upon arrival, including a temperature scan, and instructed to use good hand hygiene.
  •   Essential vendors: Must have proof of vaccination and a booster shot by January 31. The only temporary exceptions will be essential vendors who have received their initial vaccine(s) but not obtained their booster because they have not yet met the timeframe guidelines for booster administration. However, those individuals must ultimately present proof of having received the booster to continue doing business at Holy Name.
  •   Any visitor who becomes disruptive, aggressive or violent will be escorted out of the Medical Center by our security team.

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