Dress The Heroes

50 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MS CENTER ON YOUR 35 TH ANNIVERSARY! - Holy Name Medical Center Auxiliary WISHING THE MS CENTER A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL EVENT! IN FRIENDSHIP WITH LINDA WEBSTER-CENNERAZZO, - Karen and Jack Murphy IN HONOR OF OUR DEAR FRIEND IRENE RUSS. YOU ARE AMAZING! WITH LOTS OF LOVE, - Donna, Janie, Joanna, Marsha and Sandi CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MS CENTER! My mom was one of your first patients and volunteers 35 years ago! Dr. Picone and the entire staff were mom’s extended family. Mom recently passed but if she were here, she would have wanted to say thank you for everything! Congrats and God Bless! - The Family of Maria Vilardo HAPPY 35 TH ANNIVERSARY TO THE ALFIERO & LUCIA PALESTRONI FOUNDATION MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CENTER AT HOLY NAME! - Erin Boland - Patricia A. Cantelmo - Arlene & Armen Garapedian - Steve and Wendy Leeds - George M. Webster - The Woman’s Club of Franklin Lakes WITH TREMENDOUS GRATITUDE TO ALL OUR HOLY NAME HEROES FOR THEIR COMPASSIONATE APPROACH TO CARE, TO OUR RESEARCH TEAMS FOR THEIR INNOVATIVE CLINICAL TRIALS, AND TO OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM FOR THEIR EXTRAORDINARY RESPONSE. CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. PICONE AND THE MS CENTER TEAM FOR 35 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE! - Ray Corbett and Cathy Davey Asya Wallach, MD and patient SUPPORT FROM THE FRIENDS OF THE MS CENTER