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54 I n her decades of practice, Dr. Mary Ann Picone has seen many examples of physicians who were unaware of both the symptoms of MS and the latest treatments for the disease that affects more than a million people nationwide. In medical school there is limited exposure to neurology in general, and MS specifically, said Dr. Picone. Patients often recounted misdiagnoses and reported that their primary care doctors or specialists didn’t un- derstand MS. Dr. Picone saw the need for a resource that brought together a myriad of issues involved in treating the complex disease. With two other doctors she edited a book that was re- cently published called Multiple Sclerosis for the Non-Neu- rologist , now available on Amazon. The book features a host of contributors and information on the latest advanc- es in treatment. There are now 19 different medications that can be used for MS, and clinical trials (including some at Holy Name) are underway that indicate more advances. Chapters of the book deal with many aspects of treat- ment, including monitoring requirements for patients, po- tential risks and side effects, and possible drug interactions of various medications. This book is meant to be a resource to help physicians and medical residents, including OB/GYNs, dermatolo- gists, ophthalmologists, dentists, and podiatrists, as well as physical therapists and other specialists, provide compre- hensive care for MS patients. “It’s very important that we work together as a team to provide the best treatment for patients,” said Dr. Picone. For instance, many MS patients are women of child-bear- ing age so it’s important they get the proper care through pregnancy and childbirth. With MS patients now doing better and living longer, many have orthopedic issues that need to be addressed with their condition in mind. The book contains chapters on legal resources, medi- cal equipment and more. “It’s important to know what type of resources are out there to help people,” said Dr. Picone. REVIEW Many advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis, but questions still remain - not just for people living with the disease - but for those who encounter it in the medical community. Multiple Sclerosis for the Non-Neurologist is an expertly written re- source and up-to-date guide for healthcare practitioners across hundreds of specialties. Dr. Mary Ann Picone, co-author and Medical Direc- tor of The Alfiero & Lucia Palestroni Foundation Multiple Sclerosis Center at Holy Name Medical Center, provides key insights on the management of this complex disease, including monitoring requirements for patients with MS, possible drug interactions, and lifestyle considerations, among others. Perhaps more importantly, how providers in any field can educate and inform themselves on the care and treatment of their patients who are living with MS. Readers will see their specialty through the lens of MS, whether internal medicine, emergency medicine, urol- ogy, ophthalmology, dermatology, podiatry, nursing, phys- ical and occupational therapies, pulmonology and more. The book also features patient resources and support ser- vices, to ensure every opportunity to bridge gaps in care is accomplished. I would consider this mandatory reading for physi- cians, residents, fellows, and other experts who seek to make more informed decisions about the care of their pa- tients with MS. Sharing Her Knowledge DR. MARY ANN PICONE Adam Jarrett, MD Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer Internal Medicine Specialist Holy Name Medical Center