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47 Your gift will help fund our leading-edge, 9,800 sq. ft., 19-bed intensive care unit with state-of-the-art critical care technology and innovative safety and infection control features beyond anything currently available in our region. • Nursing station to patient ratio of 1:2 • All negative-pressure rooms • Bipolar ionization system for air sterilization • Far-UVC sanitizing lights to kill pathogens 24/7 in patient rooms while occupied (pending FDA approval) • Motion-activated transparent-to-opaque windows for patient privacy • Tablets for clinical staff with recognition software • Remote-capable bedside care consoles with camera and HD monitoring with all-angle visibility • Motorized patient lift systems Q. Tell us more about this new ICU. A. Encompassing 19 private rooms, our new ICU will be the most innovative of its kind in the area, utilizing smart technology, environmentally friendly air-purifi- cation and pathogen-killing UV light capabilities, and touchless equipment to enable the clinical team to deliver healthcare more compassionately, safely, ef- fectively, and efficiently. To learn more about Holy Name’s campaign for a new ICU or discuss giving opportunities, please contact Cathleen Davey at 201-833-3187 or donate at holyname.org/Foundation . ICU Rendering Holy Name’s ICU patient care team