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Have you seen MEL in your area? If you haven't yet, look for it at a park, store or community center near you.

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Mobile Education Lab (MEL)

The Russell Berrie Institute for Simulation Learning at Holy Name is bringing mobile simulation learning to you!

Medical providers throughout the community can now have the convenience of simulation training at their own offices and surgical centers. The Institute's highly trained staff, working with American Heart Association certified instructors, will be using our new Mobile Education Lab (MEL) to provide simulation education at off-site locations.

MEL will help facilitate communication and simulation education for healthcare providers, allowing the team to replicate challenging medical and non-medical situations with the goal of optimizing real-world outcomes. Advanced technology and authentic scenarios are designed to help refine skills and foster team collaboration and communication.

The fast-paced, hands-on scenarios, along with focused instruction, will equip your team with the skills necessary to treat patients experiencing a variety of critical events. We adjust the complexity of the learning experience to any level of expertise and help you improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Mobile Education Lab
Simulation Learning

Participants may include physicians, nurses, technicians and other office staff.

Customizable training elements include:

  • Mock code scenarios using high-fidelity simulation.
  • Obstetric emergencies.
  • Anesthetic emergencies.
  • Debriefing discussions that include evaluating team dynamics and performance.
  • BLS, ACLS, PALS certification courses

For more information on Simulation Learning, call 201-833-3010 or Email:

Where Is MEL?

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Have you seen MEL in your area? If you haven’t yet, look for it at a park, store or community center near you.

Holy Name Medical Center staff members are using the Mobile Education Lab (MEL) to bring health information to the community, encouraging individuals to take simple steps to live healthier lives. MEL will be on hand to offer blood tests, flu shots, educational information on how to stop the spread of COVID-19, blood pressure screenings, diabetes counseling and more.

Each year, millions of dollars are spent nationwide managing chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes. Programs focused on blood pressure control, weight loss and diabetes management can greatly reduce the risk for developing these chronic health problems. MEL works collaboratively with the community to develop lifestyle goals that will improve overall health and wellness.

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