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Paramedics Play Crucial Role Providing Back-up in Hospitals

Brian Moriarty is Holy Name paramedic. Normally, he would be spending most of his work hours in an ambulance but these are not normal times. He spends his time inside the hospital providing back-up to ICU nurses treating coronavirus patients.

Covid-19 outbreak transforms NJ hospital rushing to meet demand

In just over a month, the novel coronavirus has transformed Holy Name Medical Center. Photographer Jeff Rhode has an inside view as the NJ hospital took on the crisis, chronicling the ways the staff pulled together for the massive undertaking.

Hospitals brace for expected COVID-19 surge this weekend

North Jersey hospitals brace for a predicted surge in COVID-19 patients this weekend. They'll see an extra 900 ICU patients, according to one model. We explore their biggest concerns in Essex, Bergen and Hudson Counties.

How a New Jersey hospital is fighting the coroanvirus pandemic

Michael Maron, Holy Name Medical Center CEO and president, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss what hospitals on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are doing to care for patients. Holy Name Medical Center is located in Teaneck, NJ, where a majority of the state’s cases are.

The View From The Epicenter at NJ's Holy Name Medical Center

The Story of One Hospitals Daily Battle with Covid-19 on 880 InDepth. Dr. Suraj Saggar, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Holy Name Medical Center talks about what his typical day looks like, how he and his team are handling the emotional and physical toil, the promise of clinical trials for Covid-19 patients, and more.

Holy Name Director of Nursing Describes Loss of Family Member in ICU

Michele Acito, Holy Name's director of nursing has been caring for Covid-19 patients since the start of the pandemic. The ICU is flooded with patients and more keep coming in...the patients include 3 of her family members. On CNN's At this Hour, Acito describes her heartbreak and resolve.

Inside one nurse's 13-hour shift in the ICU hot zone

March 30 was a meaningful day for Arlene Van Dyk. The longtime intensive care unit nurse at the Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey, got to see a patient leave the ICU — a woman who’d contracted the coronavirus and spent 10 days on a ventilator.

Death Surrounds Her

Marie Claire delves deep into the lives of Holy Name nurses Emily Rostkowski and Ashley Fitzpatrick. All they see are Covid-19 patients and they risk their lives to help them the best they can, even as they enter wards without the proper protective gear. 19 patients and they risk their lives to help them the best they can, even as they enter wards without the proper protective gear.

Inside the ICU at One of America's Hardest Hit Hospitals

Michele Acito, the director of nursing at Holy Name Medical Center, has been on the frontlines, caring for coronavirus patients. Then her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law arrived to be treated.

Could these treatments being studied at NJ hospitals help coronavirus patients?

At the state's hospitals, doctors study and test drugs in a relentless effort to learn what works with a new disease that so far has no cure. No drugs have been approved as specific treatment for the novel coronavirus. There is no vaccine. These two facts feed anxiety in a state where more than 34,000 people had confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19 as of Saturday, and more than 6,000 were hospitalized. Al Almost 850 people have died.