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The Nurse Was Holding Up. Then Her 3 Close Relatives Were Brought In.

Twelve doctors at her hospital and the chief executive were sickened with the coronavirus. A colleague had died. Patients as young as 19 were being placed on ventilators. But Michele Acito, the director of nursing at Holy Name Medical Center, in the hardest-hit town in New Jersey’s hardest-hit county, felt like she was holding up. Then her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law arrived.

N.J. hospital worker known for his ‘unforgettable smile’ dies from coronavirus

A patient transport worker at Holy Name Medical Center in Bergen County, known for his pleasant smile and warm demeanor, has died of complications from coronavirus, the hospital said Friday night. Jesus Villaluz worked for Holy Name for 27 years.

Bergen County hospital converts unused space into ICU beds for coronavirus patients

Holy Name Medical Center is located in Bergen County, the epicenter of New Jersey’s coronavirus outbreak, and hospital officials there converted space on its campus that was being used for storage into a facility that can hold 36 intensive care beds exclusively for coronavirus patients.

Hospital CEO recovers from COVID-19 with a public message

Michael Maron, the president and CEO of Holy Name Medical Center — the hospital that saw the first wave of New Jersey’s coronavirus outbreak, tested positive for COVID-19 and infected his wife and two sons. Back at work now after quarantining for two weeks, he recounts his experience, his guilt, and wants to convey a personal message to everyone.

NYC officials now say you should cover your face in public

New York City health officials are now recommending that you cover your face and mouth when going out in public to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Dr. Suraj Saggar, the chief of infectious disease at Holy Name Medical Center, told FOX 5 NY's Dana Arschin Arschin that you probably don't need a mask if you stay away from others, frequently wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. However, he acknowledged that a mask could be beneficial if it stops you from touching your face.


Brendan McLaughlin, a security guard at Holy Name Medical Center, felt lightheaded and weak so he went to the ER. He thought he had the flu but a test for coronavirus turned out positive. Coronavirus symptoms are varied and can include anything from the expected such as fever, cough, shortness of breath to a wider range of symptoms such as diarrhea, chills, headaches, and sore throat.

New Jersey getting billions to fight coronavirus

A federal stimulus law will bring much needed relief to renters, businesses, medical workers and hospitals such as Holy Name Medical Center where the coronavirus patient admissions are surging and so are the deaths.

NJ Nurse Recovers From Coronavirus In Time For Hospital Wedding Anniversary

A Holy Name Medical Center nurse who made a full coronavirus recovery has returned to work in time to spend her upcoming wedding anniversary at the hospital with her husband, whom she met there 14 years ago.

'You don't want to get it'

The stress of trying to treat the greatest pandemic in a century — one that had made his hospital, Holy Name Medical Center, the epicenter of the outbreak — was one thing. And it was the reason CEO Mike Maron was working around the clock, doing whatever he could to not only care for patients, but warn the state that COVID-19 was real. The anxiety of what came next was even worse. Maron, despite all the precautions, not only tested positive for COVID-19, he gave it to his wife and two sons before he knew he had it.

The ROI-NJ Podcast: Mike Maron on Covid-19

Mike Maron is the CEO of Holy Name Medical Center, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in New Jersey. He’s also a COVID-19 survivor, as he contracted the virus in mid-March. Maron, who returned to work earlier this week, talked about recovering from COVID-19 and how Holy Name is battling the outbreak like no other hospital. 19 and how Holy Name is battling the outbreak like no other hospital.