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This Guy Says He Has 90 Million Masks—Just Pay Upfront

The fight to save lives from COVID-19 is coming down to a search for more surgical masks and ventilators. But a conversation this week with an international broker of medical supplies revealed just how difficult it might be for New York and New Jersey to purchase these supplies. On Wednesday, I got a text from a friend who wanted to put me in touch with a friend of hers who knows a guy in Germany with 90 million surgical masks for sale.

New Jersey Hospitals Brace For Coronavirus Surge: The Numbers 'Are Going To Kill Us'

New Jersey has the second highest number of cases in the country after New York. At least 2,000 people are hospitalized in New Jersey; another 108 people have died. Doctors and nurses say they are already running low on N95 masks, gowns and other protective personal equipment known as "PPE." They're also facing potential staffing shortages and need more intensive care beds.

'If you think too much, you cry': NJ nurses try to stay positive at heart of coronavirus crisis

Arlene Van Dyk doesn’t know if her patients can hear her. They are unresponsive, sedated into paralysis so that machines can do the work of their lungs. She speaks to them anyway. She murmurs words of encouragement in a time of despair

CORONAVIRUS RECOVERY: Holy Name Security Guard Back To Work After 2-Week Quarantine

A Holy Name Medical Center security guard returned to work Thursday after a two-week coronavirus quarantine. Brendan McLaughlin, 28, of Bergenfield, came down with what felt like a cold or sinus infection on March 6. He was congested, had a headache and felt a little bit weak, he said.

Deaths mounting at the epicenter of NJ’s COVID-19 outbreak

It’s a sobering time at the treatment epicenter of New Jersey’s coronavirus outbreak – as Holy Name Medical Center reveals the escalating casualties, especially over the last couple days.

CORONAVIRUS IN NYC: Cases increase to 23,112 while deaths jump to 365: 'We are losing people every day'

The number of coronavirus cases in New York City continue to rise, showing significant increases in just one day: The total number of cases in NYC rose to 23,112, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced early Thursday night. Earlier in the day, that figure was 21,873.

Helping our heroes, supporting our restaurants, doing a mitzvah

Areyvut has created a program that lets us help our modern-day heroes — the doctors, nurses, and support staff in the middle of the viral storm — while also helping local kosher restaurants that might not survive the ongoing economic crisis. The organization has taken direct action to help those in the middle of the covid-19 crisis by ensuring meals and food from local restaurants go to Holy Name Medical Center.

N.J. hospital flooded by COVID-19 patients begins clinical drug trials

With the emergency room full and coronavirus patients continuing to pour in, there is a small beacon of hope. Clinical trials have begun at Holy Name Medical Center for patients to try several drugs to stem the coronavirus.

'Milestone': Holy Name Respiratory Therapist Extubates First Coronavirus Patient In Two Weeks

A photojournalist at Teaneck's Holy Name Medical Center caught a respiratory therapist at just the right time on Wednesday. "After a polite 'hello' she told me: 'It's not a sunny day, but it is a great day,' with a smile," the photographer said. "The first patient since the craziness started two weeks ago had been extubated -- a milestone."

‘My Foolishness Infected My Family’: NJ Hospital CEO, Elected Official Contract Coronavirus

Elected officials in New Jersey and a hospital CEO have been tested positive for coronavirus. The news comes as testing sites and hospitals in the state are being overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases and supplies quickly dwindle. NBC New York’s Checkey Beckford reports