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Ventilator Countdown Set Off by Virus at New Jersey Hospital

At a community hospital in the heart of New Jersey’s coronavirus outbreak, time can be counted in spare ventilators. Six patients are on the devices right now at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck. Twenty-one more are at the ready.

'Too much business as usual': Social distancing urged as NJ coronavirus cases near 100

Gov. Phil Murphy promised more aggressive steps — including closing all schools statewide and a possible curfew — to slow the spread of coronavirus Sunday, as the number of cases in New Jersey shot up to almost 100. What had seemed unthinkable 10 days ago, when the first case was identified, is coming closer.

Where can you get tested for coronavirus in New Jersey? Should you get tested?

As the coronavirus continues to spread through New Jersey, with the state’s latest numbers at 69 presumed positive for the virus, people are growing anxious, wondering where they can get tested.

Bergen County Coronavirus Update: Expect Stricter Rules, Possible Quarantine to Limit Spread

As the number of coronavirus cases in the region continues to swell, Bergen County leaders are considering measures that would restrict businesses and encourage residents to self-quarantine, similar to recent steps announced in Teaneck and Hoboken.

Holy Name Medical Center now testing pre-screened patients for coronavirus outside hospital

Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck has taken to testing patients for COVID-19 in two tents outside of their emergency department, officials said. The tents are being used to test patients who have been screened by their physicians via phone or in-office visit and meet criteria for testing that triggers a referral to the center's infectious disease team, said hospital spokesperson Jessica Griffin in a statement.

Life at the epicenter of N.J.’s coronavirus outbreak

Holy Name CEO Maron, with 11 current cases and six patients in the ICU, says state may not realize how serious this is: ‘There is absolute reason to be extremely cautious, to be very concerned’

How COVID-19 response is changing daily life

As the number of COVID-19 infections continues its stubborn ascent, government officials and other leaders in New Jersey and beyond announced steps aimed at controlling the spread of the virus that will force a seismic shift in both the cultural landscape of the region and day-to-day life of residents. day life of residents.

Holy Name Doc Explores Most (And Least) Common Signs, Symptoms Of Coronavirus

Rising coronavirus rates are making it more important than ever to be on the lookout for commonly associated signs and symptoms.

Coronavirus Testing Capabilities Expanding In Tri-State Area

The number of coronavirus cases continues to grow in the Tri-State, and part of the reason for that is an expansion in testing.

Got 5 minutes? Here's how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus this weekend

A week ago, we were washing our hands for just a few seconds, unabashedly sneezing onto any surface, skipping the disinfectant on doorknobs and telephones — and all the other unsanitary things humans do on every day.