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Dr. Clenton Coleman Delivers the Health Headlines

Dr. Coleman discusses losing weight and multiple heart surgeries in children.

Holy Name Medical Center and Bergen Catholic High School package Meals for Haiti

Holy Name Medical Center teamed up with the students and faculty at Bergen Catholic High School to package nearly 91,000 meals for the people of Haiti.

Dr. Raval Delivers the Health Headlines

Dr. Zankhana Raval discusses Common Drugs & Broken Heart Syndrome.

Holy Name receives grant to support women with gynecologic cancers

Holy Name Medical Center announced on Friday it received a $25,000 Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) grant to develop and launch Woman to Woman, a peer support program for women diagnosed with gynecologic cancer.

Traveler to Newark Airport from China is under coronavirus quarantine

State health officials confirmed Wednesday that a traveler from the Chinese province hit hardest by the new coronavirus is being monitored for symptoms, the first instance of a mandatory quarantine under the system of precautions against the disease in place in New Jersey.

Dr. Clenton Coleman Delivers the Health Headlines

Acetaminophen is being considered to be put on a list of cancer causing agents. Don't panic just yet. Also, T-Cells are showing promise in fighting cancer.

Dr. Suraj Saggar Provides Coronavirus Updates and Information

Dr. Surah Saggar delivers updates and information on the Coronavirus.

Hospital mergers are on the rise but standalone facilities are finding ways to survive

When hospitals merge the end result often means higher quality of care for patients, stronger clinical programs, easier access to resources and in some instances cost savings.