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¿Tiene efectos secundarios la vacuna contra el coronavirus?

¿Qué pueden esperar los pacientes respecto a los efectos secundarios cuando reciban la vacuna? ¿Por qué se necesitan dos dosis y no una como como la vacuna contra la gripe?

Holy Name enrolling for study on targeted treatment for advanced, recurring ovarian cancer

In the latest example of Holy Name’s commitment to conducting groundbreaking trials in its Institute for Clinical Research, Holy Name Medical Center announced it offering enrollment in a new study focused on women with advanced, recurrent ovarian cancer.

Wearing a mask is a mitzvah’

In normal times, hospitals enclose many stories. The stakes are as high as possible — literally life and death — and emotions are correspondingly unleashed. Decisions, descriptions, explanations, relationships, values — all of those tangled things matter.

Several Northwest New Jersey healthcare facilities receive Antimicrobial Stewardship Recognition Awards

NEW JERSEY – The New Jersey Department of Health Friday announced the recipients of the second annual New Jersey Antimicrobial Stewardship Recognition Awards. These awards follow the observance of Antibiotic Awareness Week, an annual recognition hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the month of November to raise awareness of the importance of appropriate antibiotic use to combat the threat of antibiotic resistance.

As COVID-cases increase, hospital capacity concerns rise in NJ

NEW JERSEY - For the second straight day, the state of New Jersey set a record high for COVID-19 cases, with 5,673 people testing positive in a single day in addition to 48 more residents being killed by the virus.

Inside Look at NJ Hospital's Plan for COVID-19 Vaccine

Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck still doesn’t know how many does of the vaccine it will be receiving, but it is making all preparations possible to store and distribute the vaccine when it arrives. NBC New York’s Sarah Wallace reports.

Labor titánica: Nueva Jersey traza plan para distribuir vacuna contra el coronavirus

El estado define un plan que se eficiente y equitativo, esto ante la creciente presión del acelerado aumento de casos.

NJ hospitals prepare extreme freezers for COVID-19 vaccine

Hospitals in New Jersey will be receiving thousands of COVID-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer within weeks

The logistical challenges faced by hospitals over vaccine distribution

Michael Maron, president & CEO of Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, N.J., discusses how hospitals are planning to deal with the challenges posed by getting the vaccine into patients’ arms.

How hospitals are preparing for mass Covid-19 vaccinations

Staff at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey are making room for vaccines in their ultra cold freezers and are training others to give shots so nurses can continue caring for Covid patients.

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