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Holy Name Press Releases


Holy Name Advocates for Increased Support of Doulas During Childbirth

New policy welcomes doulas to enhance patient experience and improve satisfaction

February 8, 2024

Last month, Governor Murphy took a significant step in ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers by signing the Doula Access Bill into law. This landmark legislation guarantees every mother in New Jersey access to a doula in hospitals or birthing centers, thereby enhancing the birthing experience for families.

Holy Name is proud to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative, actively championing the integration and support of doulas within hospital settings. The medical center’s new doula policy is a reflection of the commitment to provide comprehensive care by supporting one doula at a time, per patient, before, during, and after birth. Notably, this includes allowing the doula to be present in the operating room during a necessary c-section.

Doulas play a crucial role during pregnancy and childbirth, offering additional information, education, and a range of support services to patients. From emotional, physical, and spiritual support, doulas are skilled in providing comfort measures, including massage, breathing techniques, and positioning suggestions. These techniques contribute to pain management, making the labor process more comfortable. Studies have also shown that the continuous presence of a doula may reduce birth complications and lower C-section rates.

Dr. Jason Kanos, Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Holy Name Medical Center, emphasized the health system’s dedication to fostering a collaborative environment between healthcare professionals and doulas. "We recognize the invaluable role doulas play during childbirth, and we are committed to creating an environment that prioritizes the physical and emotional needs of our patients, promoting a sense of empowerment and confidence during their stay at The BirthPlace."

As part of our ongoing commitment to safe, high-quality maternal care, Holy Name recently renovated The BirthPlace to better accommodate new families. These renovations include updating all rooms to private suites, introducing laborists, expanding educational offerings for baby's milestone moments, and access to support services for breastfeeding, birth plans, and more. Additionally, new parents are provided with a celebratory meal.

To read a recent patient testimonial from a patient and doula on their experience at Holy Name, please click here. For more information about Holy Name’s BirthPlace at: holyname.org/BirthPlace.