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Thomas Kreibich, MD, PhD, is board-certified in neurology and palliative care. With a specialized focus in the treatment of headaches, Dr. Kreibich uses the most advanced oral medications, infusion treatments, and Botox® to tailor therapy for each individual patient. Dr. Kreibich is devoted to ensuring a high quality of life and longevity for his patients by developing long-lasting relationships with them. He is dedicated to understanding each patient's symptoms and sharing diagnostic information and treatment advice with them using a thorough, yet compassionate approach during patient consultations. Dr. Kreibich utilizes his expertise in palliative care to help manage patients' symptoms, including headache pain, in order to help them improve their quality of life.

Dr. Kreibich earned his medical degree and his doctorate in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. He finished a fellowship in palliative care at the University of Pennsylvania and also rotated at Jefferson Hospital Headache Clinic in Philadelphia. Dr. Kreibich received numerous awards during his undergraduate education at New York University and during his medical education and training at the University of Pennsylvania.

Medical Education:

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania Medical Center


University of Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania

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