When a Wound
Doesn't Heal,

It's a very big

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Your skin is a living organ with a big job.

It covers and protects your entire body, over a lifetime. To do this, it has to constantly heal itself from all wounds, from minor cuts and abrasions to the most severe injuries. But sometimes, wounds don’t heal on their own and need special care, whether through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, skin substitutes, or other advanced treatments.

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Holy Name is one of only two centers in the region that provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is considered a very successful way to treat non-healing wounds. The combination of increased oxygen and pressure accelerates the body’s ability to heal. We have two state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers, allowing our specialists to provide timely care in a comfortable, convenient, and safe environment.

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Wounds that don’t heal are almost always caused by an underlying condition such as:
  • Being immobile
  • Diabetes, peripheral artery disease, or other vascular diseases
  • Trauma injuries
  • Surgical incisions that become infected
  • Radiation therapy side effects

The effects and dangers of non-healing wounds.

When slow- healing or non-healing wounds are left untreated, they can lead to bigger issues. Holy Name - located in Teaneck, New Jersey - is a leading provider of wound care. Here, you’ll find the science, technology, and support to end the pain, keep you safe, and help you heal.

More wound care options, including the one that’s right for you.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a powerful way to treat chronic wounds, but it’s not the only way. Our specialists use a variety of tools and therapies to help you heal, including skin substitutes, negative pressure wound therapy, multi-layer compression therapy and more.

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