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A Patient's Guide to Financial Counseling

When you or someone you love needs hospital care, worrying about financial issues can be particularly stressful. If you don't have insurance or your insurance does not cover all the costs, there are many federal and state sources of financial assistance that may be available to you, if you qualify. Eligibility requirements and the application process may be different depending upon the program. It's important that you meet with a financial counselor to be screened for the various programs available. Please refer to Holy Name Medical Center's Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) for a listing of all financial assistance programs available to Holy Name Medical Center patients.

Requests to be pre-screened for HNMC's financial assistance programs may be made by calling the Financial Counseling office at 201-833-3157. Office hours are Monday through Friday between 8:30am to 2:30pm. No in-person walk-ins.

Our Financial Counseling office also screen eligible patients for government sponsored coverage such as NJ Family Care and other NJ Medicaid programs. Medicaid is a jointly funded, federal-state health insurance program that provides medical and health coverage to certain individuals and families with low income and few resources. Additionally, Holy Name has partnered with Bergen County Board of Social Services to assist our eligible patients with processing their NJ Family Care and Institutional Medicaid applications. Patients can contact the financial counseling office at 201-833-3157 in order to be pre-screened for these programs.

For individuals outside of Bergen County please refer to your county's agency listed on the state of NJ Department of Human Services website: https://www.nj.gov/humanservices/dfd/counties