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About Us

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Holy Name Medical Center

Holy Name is New Jersey's last remaining independent, Catholic health system, comprising a comprehensive 361-bed acute care medical center, a cancer center, medical fitness center, residential hospice, nursing school, and physician network. The system has a national reputation for providing culturally sensitive care to a diverse population, drawing patients from across the New York City region to its specialty centers and renowned doctors. Holy Name's mission to provide technologically advanced, compassionate and personalized care extends across a continuum that encompasses education, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and wellness maintenance. The system is known as a high-quality, low-cost provider of extraordinary clinical care given by compassionate, highly trained physicians and staff.

Specialized Services

Holy Name's family of services also includes the Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing and HNH Fitness, a medically-based fitness center in Oradell, N.J.

Pain Management Philosophy

At Holy Name Medical Center, our healthcare team focuses on providing compassionate and evidence-based care for both acute and chronic pain. We take all pain seriously and understand that unrelieved pain can lead to negative physical, psychological, social and spiritual outcomes. Therefore:

  • We are committed to managing and reducing pain while being sensitive to cultural, spiritual and personal beliefs related to pain and pain relief measures;
  • We promote patient and family involvement in all aspects of pain management;
  • We believe that pain should be managed only as medically necessary, and in such cases conservatively and under the close monitoring of physicians and the entire health care team using an approach based on scientific evidence;
  • We strongly encourage non-drug methods as part of the pain management plan, including distraction, relaxation and a variety of comfort therapies.

When medications are appropriate, treatments may include both non-opioid and opioid medications. At times, opioid therapy is an effective option; but because the potential for known side effects and risk of developing tolerance and addiction, not all patients with acute or chronic pain are candidates for opioid therapy.

We recommend patients with chronic pain issues treated outside of the Holy Name network maintain their relationship with their prescribing provider and keep them informed of any new medical or surgical issues.

The healthcare team at Holy Name Medical Center will always strive to find safe and effective options to reduce pain, minimize the potential for side effects, and improve our patients' quality of life.

Financial Information

The financial statements are provided for the purpose of complying with the New Jersey Department of Health's Hospital Financial Transparency Regulations and Reporting requirements, and are not intended to be relied upon by any third party for any purpose without the expressed written consent of the Medical Center.

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