Licensed Practical Nurse Program - Fact Sheet/Consumer Information

The faculty of Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Practical Nursing believes that our mission, in harmony with the philosophy of Holy Name Medical Center, is to promote respect for the worth and uniqueness of the individual learner and to create and maintain an environment in which the development of each student as a person and as a professional can take place.

The education of nurses has always been an integral aspect of the Holy Name Medical Center healthcare community. Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace in 1925. The School of Practical Nursing was opened in 1972. The School of Practical Nursing is a highly competitive 12-month practical nurse certificate program.

The School of Practical Nursing is accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

The academic year extends from early September for all prerequisite courses to Late December of the following year. The Practical Nursing courses are delivered over three semesters (15 weeks each). Students have recesses/scheduled vacations throughout the school year. The rigorous nursing curriculum courses are taught at the school, with some clinical affiliations at other health care facilities.

Qualified graduates of the Licensed Practical Nurse program may apply for articulation into the school's RN program or in a school of their choice.

The LPN-to-RN Pathway is a course bridging the knowledge and skills acquired through LPN education to professional nursing practice. The course is designed to facilitate successful entry of licensed practical nurses into the Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing Registered Nurse Program. This pathway introduces the LPN-to-RN student into the role of a professional registered nurse, as it relates to communication, legal/ethical standards, nursing process, concept mapping, test-taking skills, critical thinking skills, medication calculation, health and physical assessment, and technology.

Admission Requirements

It is the applicant's responsibility to submit the following information, transcripts and documents to the Admissions Office of Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing.

  1.   Completion of the Application for Admission form and submission of the non-refundable application fee of $75.
  2.   Results of Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) - a score of 50% or above in all areas.
  3.   Official transcripts from all schools attended after high school must be submitted as a part of your admission packet. Submit official high   school transcript or G.E.D if haven't attended college.
  4.   Evaluation of educational transcripts by World Education Services for students educated in a foreign country.
  5.   Must registrar and attend a mandatory Information Session.

To review your admission checklist, login to:

(Application updates are completed once the applicant registers from the TEAS exam).

Additional Program Requirements

  • Students must be physically capable of fulfilling the objectives of the nursing program. The School will make reasonable accommodations to assist a student with a disability in advancing through the program. Students should have sensory function adequate for client assessment and care, and must possess the physical status to provide all aspects of nursing care in a safe manner.
  • In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the School of Practical Nursing will make reasonable accommodations for students with learning disabilities. These accommodations may include allowing students additional time to complete examinations. The need for special accommodations must be made known during the admission interview and the student must provide evidence of same in writing prior to the beginning of the program.
  • All nursing students must have CPR, a Basic Life Support (BLS) from the American Heart Association only prior to the first nursing course

Health Requirements

  • A complete physical examination-including 2-step Mantoux Test, CBC, urinalysis and dates of immunizations-is required before actual admission to the School of Practical Nursing. All necessary forms are forwarded to the applicant soon after notification of acceptance to the School. Health forms and proof of immunizations (laboratory titers for immunity of MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B) must be submitted to the School before the first day of class. We strongly advise all students to have health insurance, proof of which must be brought to the School of Nursing Health Officer, who will file it with the student's health record. The School does not provide insurance.
  • All students are required to have health insurance, proof of which must be brought to the School of Nursing Health Officer, who will file it with the student's health record. The School does not provide insurance.
  • Professional Liability Insurance

    • All students are required to carry current liability insurance. Policy must be provided prior to the start of the first Practical Nursing Course.

    Criminal Background Check Information

    • Pursuant to The Joint Commission Standard (HRT-20), it is now a mandatory requirement that a criminal background check be completed on all students before acceptance into the School of Nursing. The School informs the student that a criminal history background check, including fingerprinting, is a prerequisite to licensure.

    Drug Screening

    • In keeping with the mandate to uphold the highest standards of patient safety and to maintain quality nursing practice, the School of Nursing has adopted a drug-free environment. Therefore, as a condition of admission, each candidate will be required to submit to a drug test and if requested, to have additional tests once enrolled.

    Admission to the School of Practical Nursing is contingent upon clearance from the criminal background check and results of drug screening.

    Holy Name SON Course Sequence – PN Program

    Semester Credits Lecture Hours Clin/Lab Hours Total Hours
    First term – Fall (15 wk.)
    PN-100 Intro to Nsg** 2 30 - 30
    BIO 171 – A/P I* 4 45 30 75
    Ps 151 Intro to Psych* 3 45 - 45
    Cm 116 English Comp* 3 45 - 45
    Total= 12 credits
    Second term – Spring (15 wk.)
    PN 101 – Concepts of Nursing I** 10 120 90 210
    Bio 172 – A/P II* 4 45 30 75
    Total= 14 credits
    Third Term – Summer (15 wk.)
    PN 102 – Concepts of Nursing II** 8 75 135 210
    Ps 235 Life Span Development* 3 45 - 45
    Total= 11 credits
    Fourth Term – Fall (15 wk.)
    PN 203 Concepts of Nursing III** 12 120 180 300
    Total= 12 credits
    Program Total 32 (PN) credits
    17 Gen Ed credits
    Total = 49 credits Total = 1035 hours

    LPN Program Tuition and Fees

    St. Peter's U Courses A&P I 4 credits A&P II 4 credits Microbiology 4 credits Eng. Comp 3 credits Psychology 3 credits Life Span 3 credits Sociology 3 credits Philosophy 3 credits Bioethics 3 credits Art 3 credits
    Tuition * $1820.00 $1820.00 $1820.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00
    Lab Fee $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 - - - - - - -
    Total Course Tuition & Fees * $1920.00 $1920.00 $1920.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00

    * Tuition = $455.00 per credit for credit courses (Nursing and general education/ science courses)

    School of Nursing Course Tuition and Fees

    Tuition and Fees* Pathway
    0 credits
    NUR 102
    9 credits
    NUR 201
    4 credits
    NUR 202
    10 credits
    NUR 301
    10 credits
    NUR 302
    4 credits
    Total for
    $455.00 per credit
    $500.00 flat fee $4095.00 $1820.00 $4550.00 $4550.00 $1820.00 $17,335.00
    Background Check Fee $50.00 - - - - - $50.00
    Health Fee/Drug Screen Fee $80.00 - - $80.00 - - $160.00
    Skills Lab/Simulation Lab Fee N/A $150.00 $50.00 $150.00 $150.00 $50.00 $550.00
    Course Technology Fee N/A $1300.00 $175.00 $375.00 $50.00 - $1900.00
    Course Testing Fee N/A $100.00 $50.00 $80.00 $80.00 - $310.00
    ATI Fee N/A $700.00 $350.00 $700.00 $700.00 $350.00 $2800.00
    Library Fee N/A $30.00 $15.00 $30.00 $30.00 $15.00 $120.00
    Parking/ID Fee N/A $10.00 - - - - $10.00
    Administrative Fee N/A $150.00 $50.00 $150.00 $150.00 $50.00 $550.00
    Food Services Fee (Englewood Cliffs campus only) N/A TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD -
    Uniform Fee - $282.00 - - - - $282.00
    Graduation Fee N/A - - - - $300.00 $300.00
    Total Course Tuition and Fees: $630.00 $6817.00 $2510.00 $6115.00 $5710.00 $2585.00 $24,367.00

    Expense Text Books CPR Malpractice
    Physical and blood titers
    for health clearance
    Frequency Per Semester Every 2 Years Annually One-Time
    Cost $500.00 $60.00 $100.00 Varies by provider

    *School of Nursing Refund Policy by semester (Tuition only, based on payment of bill in full). All School of Nursing fees are non-refundable.
    Withdrawal within first two weeks of semester - 75%
    Withdrawal within the third week of the semester - 50%
    Withdrawal within the fourth week of the semester -25%
    After the fourth week of the semester there will be no refunds

    * Tuition includes all nursing and college courses, of which 36 credits will be provided by Saint Peter's College.

    ** Technology Fee includes IPAD with SON software.

    Tuition and Fees must be paid before the first day of classes of each semester. There is Financial Aid and an Installment Plan available to eligible students.

    The Health Fee includes Flu Immunization, Hepatitis B Vaccination, TB Testing, First-Aid in the Health Office.

    All items are subject to change.

    LPN Student Handbook

    Click here to download the LPN Student Handbook