LPN to RN Pathway Course

Course Overview

The LPN-to-RN Pathway is a course bridging the knowledge and skills acquired through LPN education to professional nursing practice. The course is designed to facilitate successful entry of licensed practical nurses into the Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing Registered Nurse Program. This pathway introduces the LPN-to-RN student into the role of a professional registered nurse, as it relates to communication, legal/ethical standards, nursing process, concept mapping, test-taking skills, critical thinking skills, medication calculation, health and physical assessment, and technology.

Admission to LPN-RN Program

  • Attend a Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing Information Session
  • LPN-RN applicants must complete on-line application by designated deadline. There is a nonrefundable $75.00 application fee for the Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing.
  • Valid unencumbered LPN license.
  • Cumulative GPA: 2.0 (minimum) includes LPN school and college courses.
  • Required College Courses for fall semester prior to entering Nursing 102 Parent-Child Nursing:
  • English Composition (3 credits)
  • Intro to Psychology (3 credits)
  • Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)
  • Official transcripts from ALL SCHOOLS ATTENDED (high school, GED, ALL colleges, vocational/technical schools, school of practical nursing, etc.)
  • Transferred science courses required for the nursing curriculum must have been completed within the last ten years with a minimum grade of C.
  • Applicants must schedule to take both entrance exams: The TEAS and the LPN Comprehensive Predictor. For the TEAS exam, achieve a total 60% or higher. For the PN Comprehensive Predictor, achieve 60% or higher. Each exam is 3 hours long. The TEAS exam and the PN Predictor are scheduled through the School of Nursing website under the TEAS tab. Instructions for registering for the PN Predictor are attached. The price of the exams is as follows: TEAS exam - $85.00 PN Predictor - $ 52.00. No refunds or rescheduling is permitted once registered for a specific date.
  • The applicant's application, transcripts, and entrance exam results are all considered in determining acceptance into the LPN-RN Track.
  • If admitted, student is given credit for Nursing 101 Fundamentals of Nursing and enters the RN Program in January with Nursing 102 Parent-Child Health. Students then progress through RN Program curriculum as published including all general education and science courses.
  • It is highly recommended admitted students attend the LPN-RN Pathway Bridge Course which is offered during the Fall semester prior to Parent-Child Health.

Entrance Exams Required for LPN-RN Program Admission Consideration:

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS):the exam consists of four sections which measure Reading, Math, Science and English/Language usage. Please refer to the TEAS Instruction Sheet located on the School of Nursing website under the TEAS Tab.

LPN-RN Pathway Course Information

  • Course is offered one evening a week for 4 hours over 8 weeks. (Day and time TBD).
  • Course is comprised of a lecture component and skills lab component. There is no clinical component.
  • There is no credit earned or grade assigned to the course. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.
  • The cost of the 8 week course is $ 500.00.
  • Additional fees are charged related to acceptance into the LPN-RN Program Track.
  • The course is optional, but highly recommended to promote the successful transition of the LPN to a RN program.

Expenses Schedule for LPN-RN Pathway

LPN-RN Track Tuition and Fees
St. Peter's U Courses A&P I 4 credits A&P II 4 credits Micro 4 credits Eng. Comp 3 credits Psychology 3 credits Life Span 3 credits Sociology 3 credits Philosophy credits Bioethics 3 credits Art 3 credits
Tuition * $1820.00 $1820.00 $1820.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00
Lab Fee $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 - - - - - - -
Total Course Tuition & Fees * $1920.00 $1920.00 $1920.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00 $1365.00

* Tuition = $455.00 per credit for credit courses (Nursing and general education/ science courses)

School of Nursing Course Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees* Pathway
0 credits
NUR 102
9 credits
NUR 201
4 credits
NUR 202
10 credits
NUR 301
10 credits
NURE 302
4 credits
Total for
$455.00 per credit
$500.00 flat fee $4095.00 $1820.00 $4550.00 $4550.00 $1820.00 $17,335.00
Background Check Fee $50.00 - - - - - $50.00
Health Fee/Drug Screen Fee $80.00 - - $80.00 - - $160.00
Skills Lab/Simulation Lab Fee N/A $150.00 $50.00 $150.00 $150.00 $50.00 $550.00
Course Technology Fee N/A $1300.00 $175.00 $375.00 $50.00 - $1900.00
Course Testing Fee N/A $100.00 $50.00 $80.00 $80.00 - $310.00
ATI Fee N/A $500.00 $300.00 $500.00 $500.00 $300.00 $2100.00
Library Fee N/A $30.00 $15.00 $30.00 $30.00 $15.00 $120.00
Parking/ID Fee N/A $10.00 - - - - $10.00
Administrative Fee N/A $150.00 $50.00 $150.00 $150.00 $50.00 $550.00
Food Services Fee (Englewood Cliffs only) N/A $150.00 $60.00 $150.00 $150.00 $60.00 $570.00
Uniform Fee $282.00 - - - - $282.00
Graduation Fee N/A - - - - $300.00 $300.00
Total Course Tuition and Fees: $630.00 $6617.00 $2460.00 $5915.00 $5510.00 $2535.00 $23,667.00

*School of Nursing tuition and fees are subject to change each academic year Pathway course has a flat course fee of $500.00 (Non-credit course)""

Additional Expenses Associated with Nursing Courses

Not a comprehensive list, estimates only. Expenses and frequency will vary on an individual basis

Expense Text Books CPR Malpractice Insurance Physical and blood titers for health clearance
Frequency Per Semester Every 2 Years Anually One-Time
Cost $500.00 $60.00 $100.00 Varies by provider

*School of Nursing Refund Policy by semester (Tuition only, based on payment of bill in full). All School of Nursing fees are non-refundable.
Withdrawal within first two weeks of semester - 75%
Withdrawal within the third week of the semester - 50%
Withdrawal within the fourth week of the semester -25%
After the fourth week of the semester there will be no refunds

** Technology Fee includes IPAD with SON software.

Tuition and Fees must be paid before the first day of classes of each semester. There is Financial Aid and an Installment Plan available to eligible students.

The Health Fee includes Flu Immunization, Hepatitis B Vaccination, TB Testing, First-Aid in the Health Office.

All items are subject to change.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Monica Hare, Coordinator of Student Services
Holy Name Medical Center Sister Claire Tynan School of Nursing
Tel: 551-248-4601
Email: mhare@hnmcson.org