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Clinical Research

  201-541-6312    |      clinicalresearch@holyname.org


The Institute for Clinical Research at Holy Name Medical Center provides investigators, facilities and services for sponsoring agencies that seek to advance patient care through clinical research. High quality clinical trials are conducted to test new medications, devices, diagnostic modalities and treatment protocols. Because of the Institute's size and scope, it can offer sponsors high quality data and accruals more expeditiously and efficiently than academic clinical research centers.

The Institute is currently conducting both inpatient and outpatient Phase I - IV studies in multiple therapeutic areas in a state-of-the-art facility that meets regulatory and industry standards. The facility includes a waiting area for study patients, investigator's office, patient examination rooms, a laboratory area, a conference room, private rooms for monitors, space for administrators and coordinators and storage space for regulatory documents and study records. The drug/device storage area was specifically built to meet FDA requirements, industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

The Institute provides:

  • A single point of contact for budgets, contracts, and regulatory and patient recruitment issues.
  • Centralized processing of all aspects of clinical trials, including identifying diligent, well–trained investigators; recruiting, enrolling, and retaining study subjects; planning protocol strategies; and preparing and submitting regulatory documents.
  • A database of active and potential investigators that can match your needs with an appropriate physician.
  • A swift investigator selection and enrollment process.
  • A large electronic patient database from which an adequate number of study patients can be enrolled to meet your needs, compiled by database searches, central advertisements, and screening.
  • Coordination through a research director with extensive expertise in administration and clinical research.
  • An experienced research team that includes a medical director, certified clinical research coordinators and nurses, regulatory coordinators, administrators and support staff.
  • More than a decade of research experience including nearly 165 clinical trials.
  • A dedication to meeting sponsors' expectations and to fulfilling the research needs of investigators, patients and sponsoring agencies.
  • Access to a medical staff of several hundred board certified physicians in all the major medical and surgical specialties.
  • Investigators with vast experience in conducting government and industry–sponsored research.
  • Support from highly skilled advanced practice and registered nurses, licensed technologists in all fields and dedicated ancillary and support staffs.
  • An administration that is committed to advancing medical and scientific knowledge.
  • Outpatient infusion suite.