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Visitor Parking Services

  201-833-3000    |      info@holyname.org


Parking is available for visitors in the parking deck in front of the Medical Center. The campus map below provides more detail. The parking fee can be paid by token, which can be purchased at the token machines located in the main lobby (near the restrooms) or in the parking lot inside the South Tower. Visitors may also pay upon exiting the lot. The payment machine accepts one, five or 10 dollar bills, or a credit card.

Multiple visit options

Visitors who come in and out of the parking lot more than once daily are eligible to purchase a daily "Multi-Pass". The visitor pays a one time daily fee of $5 at the cashier's office. The cashier then issues a "Multi-Pass" voucher for unlimited use by that visitor for that day.

Visitors whose family members have been Medical Centerized five days or more are eligible to purchase a "Weekly Long-Term Pass" from the cashier for $15 (subject to change). The pass will expire on the eighth day after purchase. Passes are available at the cashier's office located on the lobby level.

All outpatients are requested to obtain complimentary parking passes from the department they are visiting. The pass may then be exchanged for a parking token from the information desk or cashier.

Valet Parking Available

For your convenience, Valet Parking is available at the main entrance for a fee of $5.00. Valet parking is available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM till 6:00 PM. Just drive to the main entrance. You can also self-park in the Visitor Lot for $5.00. We recommend that you take advantage of the Valet Parking for ease of access and convenience.