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Indian Medical Program

  201-530-7990    |      imp@holyname.org


Holy Name Medical Center, with its reputation for delivering culturally-sensitive care to a diverse population, launched the first hospital-based Indian Medical Program (IMP) in the U.S. The Asian Indian-American population is one of the fastest growing groups in northern New Jersey, and Holy Name, through its Asian Health Services (AHS), is providing for the medical needs of this community. In addition to Asian Indians, the IMP is focused on South Asians, including the Pakistani, Sri-Lankan, Bangladeshi and Nepali communities.

The IMP will join Holy Name's Korean, Filipino, Chinese and Japanese Medical Programs to continue the mission of AHS, providing a culturally-sensitive environment with traditional amenities to make Asian Americans feel welcome and comfortable. Free health screenings for the uninsured and expansive outreach efforts to churches, temples, mosques and community centers have been successful in acquainting many members of the Asian community with the Medical Center. As a result, Holy Name has become the hospital of choice for many Asian Americans for preventive care, treatment and follow-up attention.

As with the other medical programs in AHS, the IMP at Holy Name has physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers who thoroughly understand the culture and traditions. Patients have access to a large network of Indian American physicians, Asian Indian cuisine, Indian newspapers, a cable television channel, a dedicated community hotline and patient navigation services. Translation services are available in Hindi, Gujrati, Sindhi, Urdu and Marathi.

The Asian Indian population in New Jersey has grown to become the largest Asian group in the state. In Bergen County, the Asian Indian population has jumped to more than 25,000 while in Hudson County there are more than 38,000 Asian Indian-Americans.

For more information about the Indian Medical Program:

Email us at imp@holyname.org, or call 201-530-7990.