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Back Pain Relief

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Intracept Procedure: Minimally-Invasive Technique to Relieve Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer with chronic lower back pain, many still searching for relief after trying medications and physical therapy. Now, a new minimally invasive therapy, the Intracept procedure, is proving very successful for long-time back pain suffers.

Holy Name is among the first medical centers in New Jersey to offer the Intracept procedure for people who have been suffering with lower back pain for at least six months, and who haven't responded to conservative treatments such as medications and physical therapy.

A one-time outpatient procedure that takes about 90 minutes, Intracept targets a nerve located in the spine that triggers pain in the lumbar and sacral area. Patients typically feel relief between six and 10 weeks after the procedure.

A Holy Name pain management physician performs the procedure by inserting a needle with a special probe that uses radiofrequency energy (heat) into the vertebrae. The heat disables the nerve, preventing it from transmitting pain signals. Patients return home the same day and have no limitations on daily activities.

Studies have shown patients feel significant improvements in function and considerably less pain. This level of recovery typically lasts more than five years. Nearly 80 percent of study participants reported they would have the procedure again if needed.

Patients who think they may qualify for the procedure should speak with their doctor about scheduling an MRI to see if the Intracept procedure is appropriate for them. If changes in the vertebrae related to spinal degeneration are detected, they may be a good candidate.

The Intracept procedure is expected to become the standard of care and create a paradigm shift in the way chronic lower back pain is treated.