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SORAYA - Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

  201-541-6312    |      info@holyname.org

Clinical Trial for Advanced, Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Holy Name Medical Center is conducting a clinical trial for advanced, recurrent ovarian cancer, one of the more difficult diseases to treat. The SORAYA study assesses a promising medication developed by Immunogen called mirvetuximab soravtansine, which targets and kills cancer cells that return during or within six months of platinum-based therapy.

This Phase 3 trial aims to demonstrate durable responses, better than would be expected with available therapies. Mirvetuximab soravtansine is an antibody linked to a chemotherapy drug. The antibody attaches to the recurring cancer cells and then delivers the medication to kill them.

The SORAYA study is one of 12 investigational studies, with six more in the pipeline, at Holy Name's Institute for Clinical Research involving treatments for gynecological cancers. All studies are carefully controlled and closely monitored to ensure the safety of participants.

The research team includes physician researchers, nurse practitioners and nurses who track patients throughout the process. Anyone interested in learning more about the SORAYA study or any of the other clinical trials occurring at Holy Name should call the Institute of Clinical Research at 201-541-6312.