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Holy Name Press Releases


Holy Name Medical Center to Open New Vaccination Center in West New York

Holy Name becomes one of only a few hospitals in New Jersey tapped to operate second mass vaccination site

March 29, 2021

Holy Name Medical Center today announced plans to expand its vaccination program to include a new, second location, in West New York at the Memorial High School gymnasium, Broadway and 55th Street; a collaboration between Holy Name and the Town of West New York. With adequate access to vaccine supply, Holy Name officials anticipate administering 3,000 doses daily, seven days a week beginning Friday, April 2.

"For three months, Holy Name has operated one of the largest, most efficient vaccine centers in the country at Teaneck's Richard Rodda Center where our pharmacists and nurses have, so far, administered 75,000 doses," said Michael Maron, president and CEO of Holy Name Medical Center. "The huge success of that effort, paired with the massive need for a greater number of convenient, well-organized vaccine centers, led us to answer West New York Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez's call to create a similar experience for our neighbors in Hudson County."

West New York is home to 60,000 residents, making it the second most densely populated municipality in the United States. When the pandemic unfolded, it also became one of New Jersey's hardest hit towns, with a death rate from COVID that is almost two times higher than the state.

"Our community has worked tirelessly against this pandemic fighting for a healthier and safer new normal. Access to vaccines is paramount to achieving that,” discussed Gabriel Rodriguez, Mayor of the Town of West New York. "This much needed and appreciated collaboration with Holy Name Hospital will provide a safe and efficient vaccine site in the heart of this community. As we move forward, we thank Holy Name for helping us move one step closer to beating this virus because this community deserves it."

"We have seen how COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted communities of color and we remain committed to ensuring that all New Jersey residents receive fair and equal access to the vaccine," said Dr. Gilberto Gastell, internal medicine specialist at Holy Name. "West New York is also where I practice, and this community desperately wants to be protected against this devastating virus. I, along with my colleagues, doctors Jorge Verea, Mauricio Velasco, Mario Pelletier, and Selwyn Levine, are humbled and honored to be a part of this effort."

To register for the vaccine visit vaccine.holyname.org or register via the Town of West New York dedicated COVID-19 portal at www.westnewyorknj.org/pages/covid-19. For information and resources regarding COVID-19 testing, advanced treatment, and more, visit HolyName.org.