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Henry Zygmunt

Keeping his Balance with New Technology

Holy Name Patient Stories - Henry Zygmunt

After living with multiple sclerosis for nearly 30 years, Henry Zygmunt is still walking. He realizes that's no easy feat, since many people he knows with the neurological illness are in wheelchairs. He said he feels lucky and grateful for Holy Name’s expert care and state-of-the-art technology.

When Henry, a Lodi resident, noticed recently that MS was starting to diminish the strength on the left side of his body, affecting his gait and balance, he agreed to try the hunova, a new robotic device recommended by his MS physician, Dr. Mary Ann Picone, Medical Director of Holy Name’s Multiple Sclerosis Center.

Holy Name was the first hospital in New Jersey to offer hunova by Movendo Technology, a robotic rehabilitation system that provides objective evaluation and treatment for individuals with balance difficulties caused by neurological illness, injury, and aging. Hunova is offered at HNH Fitness, a medically-based multi-specialty fitness and wellness center in Oradell.

After an individualized analysis, hunova then provides more than 200 exercises to improve postural control, balance and core stability. Patients attend a prescribed number of sessions and typically see a significant improvement. Henry, 66, said his balance improved 40 percent, according to hunova's automated feedback.

He agrees with the assessment - he said his balance is much better after learning how to shift his weight appropriately.

"Balance is the key to all movement and plays a critical role in our ability to successfully complete daily activities," says Picone. "We're proud to offer the latest technology to best enable our patients to improve their balance and, consequently, their quality of life."

Like any type of exercise, Henry will need to repeat his sessions and periodically return to the hunova device to keep his balance stabilized. He has the type of MS that enables him to live long periods of time without any flare-ups, but wants to be as prepared as he can for when another one hits.

"I'm still walking, and I'm very happy to be in the condition I'm in," Henry said. "The hunova is helping me maintain what I still have."

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