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Bill Snyder

Catching Prostate Cancer Early

Holy Name Cancer Center - Bill Snyder

At 70 years old, Bill Snyder knows the importance of seeing his doctor for regular check-ups. Thanks to his fastidiousness and the forethought of his medical team at Holy Name, his stage IIB prostate cancer was identified early and treated quickly.

At a routine physical in the fall of 2023, Bill’s pulmonary and internal medicine physician, Dr. Harris Tesher, noticed that his Prostate-Specific Antigen test (PSA) numbers were a little higher than normal. Bill hadn’t been experiencing any symptoms so he was grateful he saw Dr. Tesher when he did. Dr. Tesher referred Bill to his colleague, urologist Dr. Michael Nazmy, who determined that a biopsy was needed. During the procedure, Dr. Nazmy found cancerous cells. While prostate cancer is typically slow-growing, Bill had no intention of waiting around for the situation to get any worse.

Bill knew he had a few options for treatment, but he was most drawn to Holy Name and, in particular, Dr. Benjamin Rosenbluth, the Chief of Radiation Oncology. Even though Bill lives more than an hour from Holy Name, he decided Dr. Rosenbluth was worth the trip.

At Holy Name, Bill had nearly six weeks of radiation treatment under the care of Dr. Rosenbluth. He felt safe in the hands of the technicians and found Dr. Rosenbluth to be clear and communicative. He did not experience any side effects from treatment. In March 2024, Bill had his first PSA test since receiving radiation treatment and learned that his numbers dropped back into the normal range.

“[Holy Name] delivers that experience of caring, top doctors and top technology,” Bill said.

As the founder of a New York City-based marketing firm, Bill has a keen eye for organizations that present themselves well, and Holy Name impressed him both as a patient and a professional. He noticed signs in the elevators every time he visited that said “there’s something different about this place,” and he wholeheartedly agrees with that sentiment. He praised the “wonderful atmosphere” that “was not clinical at all,” but warm and comforting.

“I’ve always had really good experiences with Holy Name,” Bill said. “You really feel these folks care, from the receptionist to the head of radiation oncology. I think it’s a very unique place.”

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