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Lizzy Moati

The Soothing Presence of a Doula in Times of Uncertainty

Holy Name Patient Stories - Lizzy Moati

"Discovering I was pregnant was both exciting and scary,” says Keiry. “Being away from family and with a limited support network, I felt a bit lost. But then I learned about the role of a doula during my virtual prenatal classes. From our initial coffee dates to get to know each other to the day of my baby's birth and beyond, my doula has been a constant source of reassurance and comfort.” Here, Keiry shares more of her story.

When Keiry found out she was pregnant during the summer of 2023, she had never heard of a doula before. But when the instructor at her virtual prenatal program explained their role, she realized right away that it was something she wanted to explore. With her first pregnancy, she remembers feeling as though she had little control over the process. She liked how the instructor described the emotional and physical support a doula could offer. The instructor provided guidance on how to find one and Keiry began a series of coffee dates to find the right person. These meetings led to an introduction to Lizzy Moati with The Fitness Doula, whose warmth and dedication stood out.

“My role is to provide Keiry, and all of my patients, with information so they can make informed decisions,” Lizzy said. “I remind them they have the right to be involved in the decision-making with their doctors.”

Previously, Keiry had bariatric surgery. She knew it was important to continue follow-up visits with her surgeon during her pregnancy. At one appointment Keiry learned that she was anemic. The doctor sent her for iron infusions, but after a few visits Keiry’s blood pressure began to skyrocket. She told Lizzy, who encouraged her to connect both of her physicians.

After speaking with her OB/GYN, Keiry went to the hospital immediately for observation. There, doctors determined that she had developed pre-eclampsia, a dangerous blood pressure condition that can happen during pregnancy, and it would be best to deliver her child sooner than expected.

Lizzy’s support became indispensable during the birth. Amidst Keiry’s nervousness, Lizzy remained a steadfast source of comfort, offering encouragement, aromatherapy, meditation, and calming imagery through a pain management practice called hypnobirthing. According to Lizzy, “Keiry was scared about delivering her child 7 weeks early, but this calmed her and she was able to enjoy this beautiful experience.” Baby Ryann arrived via C-section at 33 weeks and 1 day.

“Even though Ryann was premature, his birth allowed me to feel calmer than when my first child was born 7 years ago. Now, I felt emotionally supported,” said Keiry. “Even when things did not go according to plan, I felt more in control. It was helpful to have someone who is there for you and with you during so much uncertainty.”

Lizzy credits Holy Name for contributing to the peaceful environment by being an inviting space and offering a gentle C-section, where the curtain was lowered so that Keiry could see when Ryann was born.

As Keiry embraces motherhood with Ryann, Lizzy’s guidance continues through nutrition and breastfeeding classes, underscoring the enduring impact of her support during one of life's most profound experiences.