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Retired Police Officer Works as Nurse at Hospital at Coronavirus Epicenter

After serving in Operation Desert Storm and spending 25 years as a Park Ridge, N.J., police officer, Scott Laughton is finding himself in the line of fire once again in his new job as a registered nurse at Holy Name Medical Center. Just a few months on the job, he has already seen colleagues fall sick from coronavirus, and he is terrified of infecting his family. Yet, he continues because this is who he is.

New Jersey’s Nurses Mobilize in War Against COVID-19

Before COVID-19 reached New Jersey, Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck had a 19-bed intensive care unit and 33 critical-care nurses. Now it has added four ICUs and is treating 45 patients, 40 of them on respirators. To satisfy the growing demand, about a dozen nurses have been reassigned from other units that have been temporarily closed, and a handful have been hired.

NJ Hospital Coronavirus: 100 Sick In 1 Night, Too Few Ventilators

At one New Jersey hospital, it's become a nightly race against the clock, with too many patients and not enough equipment, and not enough space. Now, Holy Name Medical Center is like a lot of hospitals in New Jersey – particularly in the north – who are making desperate pleas for help as they reach capacity.

TRUE HERO: Gulf War Vet, Park Ridge Cop-Turned-Nurse Fights Coronavirus In Second Career Battle

After retiring from law enforcement after 25 years, Scott Laughton recently started a new career in nursing with a 2019 degree from Bergen Community College. Laughton served two tours in Special Operations during the Persian Gulf War. He's now on the front lines of the global coronavirus battle as a full-time nurse in a COVID-19 observation unit -- among the hardest hit by the pandemic.

Park Ridge cop turned nurse fights coronavirus on front lines at Holy Name Medical Center

Scott Laughton has spent his adult life on the front lines, serving tours of duty in the army during the Gulf War and 25 years on the force of the Park Ridge Police Department. Now, the 51-year-old finds himself on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic after joining Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck as a registered nurse in December, just at the outbreak of the virus.

NBC News Special Report: Coronavirus Pandemic

NBC News Special Report: Coronavirus Pandemic gives stark information about how the coronavirus is effecting the Tri-State area. Overcrowded hospitals and not enough equipment as more fall ill and the death toll rises. This report highlights Holy Name CEO Michael Maron's Maron's recovery from coronavirus and return to work as a bright spot.

Teaneck officials see signs of progress on COVID-19 from lockdown

Officials in Teaneck — the hardest hit town in the New Jersey county with the most positive COVID-19 cases — were early disciples of the social distancing that experts say will play a key role in ultimately weathering the pandemic. While the numbers of residents testing positive now tops 300 and continues to rise, there’s reason to believe the stay-at-home evidence is helping to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

He was a cop for 25 years. 3 months into his new job as a nurse, he’s helping fight the coronavirus.

Heading into the end of his 25-year career with the Park Ridge police department in Bergen County, Scott Laughton, was studying hard to get his nursing degree from Bergen Community College. He wanted to continue helping people, his favorite part of working as a police officer. Now, he is a part of the frontline of health care workers trying to save lives and stem the tide of the coronavirus pandemic.

ICU nurse on helping COVID-19 patient's wife FaceTime with him after he died

Health care professionals fighting coronavirus on the frontlines continue to push through unimaginable experiences, as hospital beds fill up and empty out before families have a chance to say goodbye, leaving nurses to take on the role of caretaker and mourner. Michael Kouridakis Kouridakis, a Holy Name Medical Center ICU Nuse, told Nightline co-anchor Juju Chang about a heart-wrenching FaceTime conversation with a patient's wife just moments after he died.

Pictures from the COVID-19 Battlefront: The Team at Holy Name Medical Center at Work

The Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, Bergen County needs no introduction for its part in the battle against the coronavirus in New Jersey. And Jeff Rhode has seen it up close, both in person and through his camera lens.