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Holy Name Press Releases


Holy Name Medical Center Among the Only Hospitals to Offer Persona IQ®

First and Only ‘Smart Knee’ Implant for Total Knee Replacement Surgery

December 22, 2022

Holy Name is one of the only hospitals in the region to offer Persona IQ® "smart knee" technology for knee replacement. The technology is the first implantable device that allows for remote patient monitoring and collects post-surgery data on a patient's progress. Persona IQ® is the first and only smart knee implant granted De Novo status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for total knee replacement surgery. The "smart knee" is the latest in Holy Name's range of advanced orthopedic treatment options, including robotic and minimally-invasive technologies that give patients the quickest possible recovery.

"The Persona IQ® smart knee will undoubtedly kick off an evolutionary process in orthopedic innovation," said Dennis Pfisterer, DO, Orthopedic Administrator and Clinical Director for Sports Health Services at Holy Name. "The surgery remains the same, but the information we'll have access to now will allow us to personalize our patient's rehabilitation program, tweak medication as necessary, and use data to assess how to even better improve mobility and movement."

The "smart knee" implant has sensors that measure information critical to knee replacement recovery, including range of motion, step count, walking speed, and other metrics. After the knee replacement, data is shared from the implanted smart technology to an app that can be monitored and reviewed by the physician and patient. The data is securely delivered to a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform.The Persona IQ® uses a pacemaker battery that lasts for approximately 20 years.

Holy Name Orthopedics is a trusted leader in expert, patient-centered musculoskeletal care, offering a full range of services for injuries and illnesses affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons in children and adults. From traumatic injuries and degenerative diseases to sports medicine, the team of multidisciplinary, board-certified experts provide exceptional, comprehensive care. Using the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques, the goal is to alleviate pain, restore function, and help return patients to their normal lifestyle as soon as possible.