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Chinese Medical Program

  201-833-3388    |      asianhealthservices@holyname.org


Launched in 2015, the Chinese Medical Program (CMP) was created at Holy Name Medical Center to help address the medical needs of the rapidly expanding Chinese population across the state. It is modeled after the successful Korean Medical Program at Holy Name, and was developed to address the gaps in language and culturally appropriate health care services of the Chinese American population in the greater New York and New Jersey area.

More than 25 Chinese American physicians immediately signed on to treat this burgeoning population, many of whom are first-generation immigration patients often confused by the evolving health care system. Just seeing a face that is similar to theirs is often comforting and helps put patients at ease. Upon arrival at Holy Name, patients are greeted by a Chinese-speaking customer representative, and then have access to Chinese cuisine on the menu and Chinese television stations and newspapers.

By honoring the uniqueness of every individual and personalizing care, the CMP draws people from the entire tri-state area. Without a language and cultural barrier, Chinese American patients feel safe and comfortable coming to their hospital of choice, Holy Name Medical Center.