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Parent Education Classes

  201-833-3153    |      parenteducation@holyname.org


Holy Name Medical Center offers free parent education classes that cover a wide range of topics concerning pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and postpartum support care. The sessions will help increase your knowledge of what is to come, from pregnancy through discharge from the hospital.

Please Note: Holy Name Medical Center offers virtual and in person classes and support group.The Birth Place website lists all current classes and support group. They can also be found in the Holy Name Medical Center calendar. Please register in advance to receive the necessary Zoom link for the virtual classes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Parent Education Department at parenteducation@holyname.org.

All classes are led by a registered nurse and moms-to-be are invited to bring a loved one.

To register for any of the Parent Education classes, please call the Parent Education Department at 201-833-3153 or register online below.

Parenting Classes

A Journey Through Pregnancy

Learn what to expect as your body changes to accommodate your developing baby during all the phases of pregnancy. Topics include:

  • Physical changes during pregnancy
  • Stages of labor
  • Symptoms that may require a call to your provider and what is an emergency situation

The Delivery Experience

Take a journey through the changes leading up to, during and after delivery. The specific areas of discussion will include:

  • Stages of labor
  • Pushing during a vaginal delivery and episiotomy
  • Cesarean section
  • Skin to skin contact after delivery
  • Exclusive breast feeding

Care of Your New Family

Familiarize yourself with knowledge that will help create a smooth transition to life with a newborn. A variety of issues will be discussed including:

  • Feeding and elimination patterns
  • Bathing and dressing your newborn
  • Instructions for safe sleeping habits
  • Postpartum care
  • Postpartum depression
  • When your baby is sick and when to call the pediatrician
  • Car seat safety
  • Fall prevention

To register for these classes, please click below to visit our community calendar.

Parent Support Group

Our weekly parent support group, for new and experienced parents, offers a welcoming space to share experiences and offer support. Partners, children, and extended family are always welcome. Group is led by Holy Name's International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants and other interdisciplinary staff. Meetings are currently held via Zoom, but virtual break-out rooms are available for those with lactation specific questions for Holy Name's lactation staff.

To register for this class, please click below to visit our community calendar.

Breastfeeding Preparation (English)

Breastfeeding is natural... but there's still a learning curve. Maximize your satisfaction and success by learning how lactation works with instruction on positioning and latching on, common challenges, how to know when your baby is getting enough milk and more.

To register for this class, please click below to visit our community calendar.

Breastfeeding Preparation (Spanish)

La lactancia materna no es fácil! Aprenda cómo funciona la lactancia con instrucciones sobre cómo lograr la posición adecuada, problemas comunes, como saber cuando su bebe está recibiendo la cantidad suficiente de leche, y más.

To register for this class, please click below to visit our community calendar.

Tour of The BirthPlace

The tour includes visiting a birthing room, a maternity room, and a look in the nursery window. All maternity and newborn services are explained by a nurse who can answer all your questions. Please note due to COVID restrictions, children are not allowed to come on tours at the this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

To register for a tour, please click below to visit our community calendar.