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Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography

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Holy Name Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in New Jersey to offer Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM), a new diagnostic tool in the field of breast imaging. This advanced technology is useful for women at high risk for developing breast cancer, evaluating how women with locally advanced breast cancer are responding to treatment and problem solving inconclusive mammograms.

CESM is similar to a breast MRI in accuracy, but it is faster, more comfortable and less costly. The patient receives an injection of iodine-based contrast, the same used for CT scans. Then routine mammogram imaging is done, at which time a special unit takes two sequential exposures for each view. One exposure's image is similar to a standard mammogram. The other exposure reveals areas that absorb the contrast, which signals increased blood flow and can be associated with tumor development.

Holy Name's board-certified staff of radiologists, registered nurses and female breast-imaging technologists is experienced in performing and reading CESM images for the assurance and comfort of patients. Eligible patients will receive CESM in a timely manner at the Medical Center's Breast Center.