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Nutrition Counseling

  201-227-6041    |      cancer@holyname.org


Oncology Nutrition Counseling

The comprehensive services offered by the Patricia Lynch Cancer Center include nutrition counseling delivered by a registered dietitian (RD) credentialed by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and trained to address the specific needs of oncology patients. The RD can provide patients with a personalized plan for optimal nutrition, based on individual needs and circumstances.

Nutrition is an important aspect of cancer treatment and survivorship. What and how patients eat matters, and maintaining supportive nutritional status is a priority. When patients cannot eat because of chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, Holy Name's nutrition expert finds ways to maximize nutrients in foods that the patient can tolerate.

A dietitian who specializes in oncology can help patients with:

  • Side effects of radiation and chemotherapy that affect nutritional intake
  • Maximizing cancer preventative nutrients through food
  • Supplemental nutrient needs
  • Meal prepping

Post-treatment nutrition is just as important for long-term health and survival. Holy Name patients can learn about the specific foods that research studies associate with a decreased risk of cancer recurrence.

For more information about nutrition services and consultation for oncology patients, please call 201-227-6041.