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Hospice Volunteer Doula Program

  201-783-8870 ext. 311    |      info@holyname.org

Helping Others Live Through the End of Life

An end-of-life doula is an individual who provides emotional support and comfort to people who are approaching their final days. The Hospice Program at Holy Name Medical Center presents free training to people who would like to volunteer as a doula, going out to patients' homes and offering a sense of peace.

Even when surrounded by loved ones, individuals with a terminal illness and those closest to them may feel isolated as they face the end of life. Instead of being able to focus on a greater sense of meaning, patients and their caregivers are overwhelmed with complicated medications, symptoms and long hours without rest. Hospice doulas look past the illness and offer a caring touch, a time to be quiet, reminisce or laugh. They are there to listen, be present, and allow the person to just be, without any expectations or demands.

Individuals from all walks of life - from police officers to social workers, mail carriers to nurses - volunteer as hospice doulas. Anyone interested in experiencing the fulfillment of supporting someone emotionally and spiritually in their last weeks, days and moments of life should consider becoming a doula. Holy Name has trained more than 50 people to be hospice doulas.

Holy Name's Hospice Program serves primarily Bergen County, and parts of Hudson, Passaic and Essex. Anyone interested in participating in this meaningful experience is invited to attend a free presentation to learn more about the training program and to register. Call the Hospice Program's Volunteer Coordinator Jamie Anderson at 201-783-8870, ext. 311 or email prospectivedoulas@holyname.org. An alternative number is 201-783-8870.

Volunteers receive 22 hours of training that teaches techniques for facilitating guided visualizations, establishing rituals, providing support, offering sacred presence and creating spiritual and emotional legacies.