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Smoking and Infertility

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Women and Infertility
  • Smoking affects the ovaries and damages the uterine wall reducing conception and implantation chances.
  • Women who smoke and undergo in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer treatment of infertility may not respond as well to hormone stimulation.
  • Heavy smokers have a higher likelihood of having abnormal vaginal bleeding than nonsmokers.
  • Women who smoke are prone to early menopause.
  • In some women infertility can be reversed after smoking cessation.
Men and Infertility
  • Smoking is linked to low sperm counts and sluggish sperm motility.
  • Smoking can gradually and permanently damage all blood vessels, including those that carry blood to the penis. This can make it difficult to get or maintain an erection.
  • Men who quit smoking often have fewer problems achieving a normal erection.