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Patient Advocate

  201-833-3500    |      patientadvocate@holyname.org

Patient Advocate

Holy Name Medical Center always strives to exceed expectations; however, we encourage anyone with concerns to reach out for assistance. As part of our mission to focus on patient care, our Patient Advocate is the liaison between the patient and/or loved ones and the Medical Center's staff.

The Patient Advocate can help when a patient or family member is experiencing difficulties or has questions or concerns about any aspect of care or service. Our Advocate can assist with improving communication, accessing information, addressing concerns or resolving difficulties.

Be assured, bringing requests or concerns to the Patient Advocate is not viewed as complaining, but rather as appropriately using a resource we have in place to provide support, encouragement and assistance. Confidentiality is highly respected and maintained - the focus is always on the best interest of the patient.

The Patient Advocate can provide:
  • Information about the Medical Center's policies and procedures
  • Materials on patient's rights and responsibilities
  • An independent forum to voice complaints or concerns
  • An explanation as to how we will respond to your complaints and concerns

Complaints can be made anonymously, but it helps to identify and correct problems when more specifics are given.

Contact the Patient Advocate at the patient's bedside, by phone, email or letter:

Contact the Patient Advocate during business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.